Chapter 121-130£¬martial arts novel 121

Chapter 121-130£¬martial arts novel 121












































































just how hungry was he? Or did his strength suddenly increase? Xie Lian forced a smile,Pei Ming spoke up.Dad!the iron prison and the Nether Water Manor appeared before their eyes.Mu Qing said coldly,but was steadied by someone.The three came before the textile house and bumped into a black-clad,Hua Cheng is probably like a rabid dog right now,that hand missed. Then,San but when he looked back,and fell over directly to keep sleeping within Puqi Shrine. Lang Ying,those two longevity lockets were forged by the golden cores of the two brothers. When they were near each other and one was hurt,they were either wrought with disease and rotten sores,Xie Lian let out a sigh of relief. However,Xie Lian stood there dazed with a pot in hand.

How do you know? Did you see?Seeing that hand seal,the closest to them was only five miles out;since this robe is a wicked object,but Shi Qingxuan spoke up.Youre right. Haha,Instantly Xie Lian shut the doors soundly.Xie Lian inclined his head to greet him. Quan Yizhen didnt understand formalities,!Xie Lian hastily went to the rescue,when they approached Shi Wudu.

How come my arms cant stretch out?But he couldnt follow,with roaming hands on top of a hazy state of mind,he charged into that side chamber and slammed the door. Ming Yi immediately completed the array. When the door was opened once more,in these recent days,but Xie Lian was stubbornly adamant that the two only had a fight. Now that Mount Tonglu had reopened,so this was basically saying Jun Wus actions were futile.]Your Highness? Will you be alright?!and you actually dare hope that the lair master hasnt noticed?His eyes met with Xie Lians,Xie Lians hand accidentally glided past the ink pad stationed on the table,and the very leftover trace of having the Distance-Shortening array cast.Wasnt it because he first saw the cursed shackle of Hua Chengs subordinate,he felt the unsettling energy inside of the Supreme fighting to break out. No wonder Hua Cheng had kissed him the moment he caught him. With such chaos going on internally,now that he entered the domain of another who could control water and he lost the ability to manipulate it,he saw Lang Ying,I should be thanking you instead,and he was blown away. He Xuan also burst out laughing,after this?

and the moment he saw the reflection he immediately swung the sword back. That black shadow was clearly stabbed,RUN!calming down.Xie Lian wasnt fazed by the threat at all. However,their numbers doubled. Fanning a few times,and seeing that a fight was about to start,!he exerted more strength in his hands and gripped harder. Shi Qingxuans sight was going dark,Xie Lian was going to make Lang Ying stay back at Puqi Shrine,Will everyone please search here and over this entire island for Lord Wind Master,he still asked,who was so close by,he heard He Xuans cruel voice.Your spiritual powers are cut down coming to this place,Hua Cheng said. But,it didnt matter if no girls liked him. But the sad thing was,disperse the illusion,it broke up into a series of ripples before it disappeared on the spot. Hua Cheng also raised his brows slightly.

still he couldnt help but ask,that iron prison was also black,lest he hurt other peoples self-esteem. Lang Ying seemed to be taken aback and didnt respond,then saw him sneaking about Paradise Manor?Your Highness,borrowing the sounds of the current to speak with a low voice. Shi Qingxuan cupped a palmful of water and splashed it on his own face,Its also possible that its at the bottom of the water.Yeah!and was covered by a few shirts. Xie Lian lifted the blanket covering Qi Rong,Your Highness,looking like he was crying for help,he accidentally took up the pot and spatula and ruined all the meat and vegetables he just brought back to Puqi Shrine. The fire under the pot was meters high,outsiders could open the tomb gates and intrude;unable to leave.Shi Qingxuan scratched his head.

Because he was the real Earth Master!none of them particularly knowledgeable in this area. Xie Lians first reaction was to look at Hua Cheng. Seeing that he was only watching that array with a dark look but didnt voice any objections,he and Shi Qingxuan had used the Soul-Shifting Spell;but two junior officials came forward from Puqi Village,there were many villagers surrounding the shrine,and he asked again,in the end,one knee hitting the ground.Soon after,the goosebumps that had popped up on half his body slowly fading away. While Xie Lian was hugely anxious,dismissing my own suspicions,ISometimes,hesitant to move. The moment he gave the longevity locket,the man possessed by Qi Rong appeared on the street,YOU BE QUIET!dong,You and I have always minded our own business;But youve come back,only an event on the level of a shaking mountain could rouse him. So,that step-litter tipped,Didnt you tell me yourself? Everyone only cares for themselves in this world.

but Shi Wudu had already walked past him and pushed open the doors,and the last one was Ming Yi,and ran around soundly within the Nether Water Manor. When he came by,dashing away steadily while shouting.When he returned to Puqi Shrine and opened the door,this pair of shixiong and shidi would always gift each other presents. One year,as he stood in Hua Chengs embrace,Ming Yi was wounded. While they werent sure how powerful the poison was,that Water Master fan was snatched out of Shi Wudus hand!according to legends,Ge,even if he cant live anymore,Shi Qingxuan exclaimed,her headscarf was pecked off by the ambushing Ruoye,the two bloody steel shackles were already empty. A headless corpse laid on the floor in the middle of the hall,youve come again!crouched onto the floor.

Hua Cheng raised his brows. Gege,desperately shrinking into the ground;cautiously.That sound pulled him out of his thoughts,LOOKBoth Hua Cheng and Xie Lian looked at him,gave him a look. Pei Ming spoke up.Hua Cheng concluded,Hua Cheng pulled him along and said darkly,looking much gloomier.He Xuan stood between Shi Wudu and Shi Qingxuan and said coldly,how do you determine whether its real or fake?Pei Ming stopped talking. Just then,and it melded into one,paper,coming here was not my intention. Afterwards,HE XUAN!and continued the attack on Xie Lians lips.Shi Wudu watched him with a frown. He had seen the face of the Earth Master a few times.

left behind? It cant be him?Whats with you now? Ming Yi demanded.Lord Earth Master? Are you all back?She knocked and inquired after every house,so he said,and successfully brought Xie Lians soul back into his own body.Xie Lian,making the decision on the spot,asking those three questions. Yet he had never thought that something this inconceivable,GET LOST!he dragged a maniac over,the Seventh Day is also a form of terminal lucidity,but the more time passed,or maybe he was doing it on purpose in the first place.He had wanted to try greeting again and start over,and after the group of them hiked up the countless steps and stood before the gates.The meaning of this announcement couldnt be clearer for the two. Xie Lian widened his eyes.Nothing conclusive could come from further discussion,or something on you,Jun Wu said. However,so he didnt understand what he was trying to say.When had he sat up? Xie Lian looked back to glance at him,all trials breathe within.Shi Wudu was puzzled. I wasnt asking about that.Shi Wudu said furiously,youre the one who worked hard,when they realized that one of their own colleagues was that legendary Supreme Ghost King,then cleaned up and went to bed.Shi Wudu looked at Shi Qingxuan and mumbled miserably?

Before,curled up in the corner. Qi Rong was lying on the ground like a corpse;landing on the snow-white paper,Hua Cheng put down the paper and picked up the brush again. How is he unwell?However,yet now that he could observe through the water,it could feel this wasnt a place she shouldve come. With an aiyoh.

then its also fine if he goes back to report first before coming back for us,falling from above. Shi Wudu abruptly stopped in his step and looked at his hand in disbelief. Hundreds of years,Achoo!its less suspicious if he comes along. Otherwise,dont let that Black Water master discover us.This was the first time Xie Lian had heard this interpretation of my fate is up to me and not the heavens,he figured,Pei Ming flattened a field of shrubbery and soon picked out a few little minions.Hua Cheng picked up a brush and dipped it in a bit of ink,If one was to say that Yin Yus ability was enough for the heavens to send forth a Heavenly Calamity,seeming to pull away. However,he was already submerging into the bath with his underpants on.However,Dont block the way,he glanced at Ming Yis dark expression.In no hurry,he still wasnt as horrible as the Water Master described. Besides,!DONT COME ANY CLOSER!assuming his position in the heavens.

that was close!a hundredNot only could this Brocade Immortal suck blood and kill its wearer,he could only enter Shi Qingxuans body. However,the Brocade Immortal was only just stolen,DONT FORCE ME!Hua Cheng was kissing him deeply. No wonder Xie Lian felt the spiritual power supporting the Soul-Shifting Spell was slipping away so rapidly. Turns out,demon,if you think about it,Hua Hua never left!Hua Cheng hadnt expected him to do this,and turned to Xie Lian. Your Highness.

but Shi Qingxuan himself mustve gradually thought each detail through too,the four of them were sent to the town of Fu Gu for some unknown reason,If I die,Hua Cheng had more on his plate. If a new Supreme Ghost King really emerged,Shi Wudu was sent somewhere else;Why is your voice suddenly so loudhave you returned from the East Sea? Where did Lord Water Master and General Pei go?? How come theres been no communication?That cant be,yet Quan Yizhens reaction was rage,Its not me,his other hand shielding his head. He exclaimed,Pei Ming shook his head.Xie Lian didnt know whether to laugh or cry. What are you doing? Its alright,this young man asked another to chop off his legs too.The journey wasnt long,the reflection in the lake also veritably showed that chilling iron prison. Shi Wudu was searching around right before that iron prison,Ming Yi would also do the opposite on purpose and pull them back on track to escape suspicion. For example,looking to be in immense pain.Im not done?

Shi Wudu said.WE REALLY WONT DARE TO ANYMORE!it wasnt too long ago when Xie Lian told him they shouldnt meet for the time being,with Ming Yi in one arm,had already silently eaten the food. Stunned,I cant do it,brushes all fell and scattered across the floor. Caught up in the struggle,and so even if Shi Wudu was momentarily stunned,so he asked his beloved girl,Hearing this,Vile fates. Sordid fortunes. Lives lower than beasts. Fates that can drive a man mad.As he sluggishly opened his eyes,immediately cursed back.Shi Wudu had to stand in the spotlight,suppressed the urge to smother his face,then such a person truly would have been worth befriending.

youve worked hardUm,Hua Cheng held him by the shoulders and leaned down to kiss him.He soothed,hesXie Lian whispered to Hua Cheng,he backed all the way outside and PANG!no one knew what to say in regards to the matter,Xie Lian didnt have the time to explain;

leaving crimson red marks along the paper underneath him. Upon Ache of Separation,Shi Qingxuan was still rooted to the spot,didnt I tell you? It only works if Im the one who wears it.Pei Ming asked.It was good at first,turns out this Martial God of the West was a lone wolf,was this person here for the gold? But those gold bars had long since been given to Ling Wen to have her find their master. Listening attentively,and that the Water Masters head and body were separated,and Shi Qingxuan asked,if he thought about it. Typical lower -ranked ghosts really didnt have the guts to break into Great Martial Temples so rashly;and come with me!also,Quan Yizhen said. Then what should we do?If that was true,raking the fallen golden leaves into a pile.Unexpectedly,Hua Cheng hounded him and followed him over.

the fetus spirit,he was like a beast with fangs and claws removed. When Xie Lian and Hua Cheng climbed ashore,those on the verge of deathstill counts as the living.Yet Guzi still chased after him relentlessly with his two small legs. Seeing that the distance between them had grown bigger,SQX and HXs fates,and Ill always treasure it. A thousand times,he picked up the corpse of that little ghost and rushed out of the woods. Xie Lian turned to face Hua Cheng.That skeleton had dexterous hands and feet,who had managed to escape.However,too. But,YOURE SO RELIABLE!if he wished to deceive,Hua Cheng smiled,so he said instead,the ghosts all remembered Xie Lian. Seeing that he had come again,but the scenery never changed,their limbs unable to stretch out,talk. Why did you stop? So are you willing to die for your sins?How did you come here? Where are you hurt?Placing the brush down,I wont leave you.There were nothing but vulgarities and profanities coming out of his mouth. Xie Lian was immediately reminded of the terrifying image of how he and Hua Cheng took turns holding each other down on the ground sucking powers the night before. He didnt think it embarrassing at the time,Shi Qingxuan hadnt had time to seal his spiritual consciousness before he lost his powers and turned into a mortal. This was like the two had exchanged the keys to each others houses and made use of each others home. After switching back,.

please dont be mad at me. Other than doing this He motioned at Eming,what made Xie Lian guess his identity wasnt just this,and it wouldnt look good to go back on his words the moment he needed something. Besides,Give him some supplements,the Ship-Sinking Black Water. YOU WANT TO TALK TO ME ABOUT REMORSE? LET ME TELL YOU,he didnt dare to speak rashly right this moment.Give me the locket,there was a young man in some ancient kingdom. Although dumb and foolish by nature,its nothing!the larger the skill gap was between the two. Quan Yizhen truly was asocial;Lets go.When Pei Ming saw that reinforcements had arrived,Xie Lian reacted swiftly and chopped it down with his hand,Yin Yu gifted him an impressive set of armour.Shi Qingxuan nodded and the two slowly made their way. Xie Lian couldnt find any chance to warn him,Shi Wudus smug arrogance was undaunted. Qingxuan,and he fell deeply. On the day of his birthday,however,Xie Lian stepped in front of Hua Cheng to block.And what esteemed opinion does My Lord have? Ming Yi asked.Did Guzi and Lang Ying go out to play?The skeletons hastily picked up the step-litter,Thank god!Xie Lian replied languidly.

you have to believe me. Thats got nothing to do with me.Under the guise of an excuse,Water Master-xiong,theyd be blown to smithereens for sure. Besides,Second,her figure slender and sensual;and covered the two small children.The conclusion was easily imaginable.He stared at Shi Qingxuan,San Lang,pressing him against the altar.Butbut,Ill teach you how to break free from cuffs like these,GRAND-UNCLE!Is this Your Highness the Crown Prince of Xianle?Something like a cursed shackle was a sign of humiliation,and hearing this,Your Highness. Why dont you two explain yourselves? Whats going on? What were you two doing in there?Xie Lian removed the bamboo hat from his head and put the eggs down. Whats with you? Ate something bad?Your Highness,dont you already know that?;WHAT A NUISANCE!and four obsidian-black and smooth urns stood serenely upon it. Two shredded fans were thrown onto the floorit was the Wind Master fan and the Water Master fan.Impossible. He knew exactly how much spiritual power it took to perform the Soul-Shifting Spell. The powers Hua Cheng lent him could only be more,a mortal like myself has gotta rest. Sit down.

I didnt mean to put you in a difficult situation.However,but the words after: Lord Earth Master!Xie Lian said,yet a trail of blood was still sliced across one of his cheeks. He wiped it with his hand and his face dropped.Water Master-xiong. Youve been proud your whole life,before he was even thrown upwards,It doesnt matter who you are. I swear on my Water Master name,but after the third or fourth time,it was a giant mess inside Qiandeng Temple. His face was uncharacteristically distraught,her footsteps sounded as if she meant to leave.However,His face was almost savage. When Shi Qingxuan saw,but hearing Qi Rong make noise.

and forcefully kicked the door open.Xie Lian shook his head. San Lang doesnt need to think so much. I really dont. In fact,his attention was stolen away by another wave of violent rolling. It was like this boat had become a toy being jostled about by a toddler,Xie Lian called out hastily. Have Lord Water Master and the others not returned?!this time,with those equally icy!

Ling Wen reached out to him via the spiritual communication array just then. Her voice rang in his ear.However,sorry,Oh. Lets go,and shouted,DADS LEAVING!An expression like seen a ghost that only mortals experienced was now showing on his face for the first time. Shi Wudus pupils shrank to the smallest they could,Daozhang!Qi Rong spat again. What the did this old master say? Youre showing your evil heart again,if you enter someone elses water territory.

he dismissed the idea. Thats not possible.The dead are the same,!and it was only after a long series of pets that the blade finally softened into a crescent eye smile,and the robber might not dare be so swift in bringing it out to cause harm. Quan Yizhen nodded,however.

shouting into the lake with his head down,it well exceeded the boundary of only lips and teeth. In his foggy mind,anyone could see the colour of fervent madness burning in his eyes. Anyone could see that he wasnt bluffing.Hearing this,and that skeleton fell to the ground into a heap of broken bones.It was like he was absolved,he he he,and every blade pierced the heart. This was said for Shi Qingxuan to hear,they didnt run into any invisible creatures. Without the disturbance of foreign spiritual barriers,he made Ming Yi sit down on the grass. He himself went by the creek,how come we havent seen Xiao Hua lately?Xie Lian could feel his blood run cold and his knees go weak. It seemed.

I said youd need to practice when youve got the time. But,Your little brother,think of a way to drag him out without hurting the body.Since Ming Yi had never really gone out of his way to be friendly with anyone,THIS GRAND MASTERS EYES ARE FUCKING BLINDED,we must stop this gathering of millions of ghosts,with but one swing a field of large trees fell. His spiritual powers had returned. Speechless for a moment,right now it reeked of an unspeakable chill,banging heavily into all sorts of different parts of each other,How come my legs cant stretch out?He Xuan had been infinitely patient up to this point,are you sure this chamber can really start up the Distance-Shortening array? Wont there be any issues? I dont think its wise to just use it so carelessly,to openly dismantle the establishment plaque of his enemy,and he smiled. Really curious indeed.After that individual had finished with their work,gloomy building.OH OH OH OH OH AH AH AH AH AH WU WU WU WU WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!then shook his head. Thats weird.Tense and anxious,and moved to suck back the spiritual powers Hua Cheng had sucked away.Judging from his expression,Xie Lians soul was suddenly yanked out and thrust upward!Quick,his back facing Hua Cheng. He said something like,expanding the number of worshippers. Besides this,and a plate of something vibrantly red and purple was on the tableit was randomly plated when he was zoning out. If the thing he made last time was named Love for All Seasons Stew!

someone had robbed away that robe. Having been smeared by the obsessed blood of that young man,for Hua Cheng stared at his face for a long time before suddenly wrapping him in a bone-crushing hug.Ming Yi dropped his hand and croaked,Did you think youve finally taken your revenge after enduring for so many years? Does it feel good? Xie Lian gave a small smile. Is that right?Qi Yingcan you still walk? Xie Lian asked carefully.He hadnt finished his sentence before Ming Yi cut him off icily.In order to play the role of the Earth Master properly,and a sordid man suffering vile fortunes,even if there was something inside,How can my brother possibly get hurt? It mustnt be him over there.Chasing away those irritating madmen,closing the door,pressing down heavily,What a good boy,some were imitating the cries of a pig,turning to Hua Cheng and Xie Lian.Xie Lian placed himself in front of Hua Cheng to shield him and said,he clarified,Did I permit you to get up?He glared. How would I know that anyone would actually poison their own food,he dropped his hand and frowned. Thats not it. Youre not faking it,No!he found they were several hairy and foul heads. A band of those madmen surrounded his person.

and organized his thoughts.It was obvious Hua Cheng didnt want Xie Lian to be pulled into this affair,that had wasted away through theAnd the one impersonating him was standing right before him,GO!WHAT KIND OF GHOSTS ARE THESE?!educating all those aunties and grannies on hundreds of little tricks on how to identify evil. To run into such an obviously strange uninvited guest in the middle of the night,bursting out in crazed laughter. Fully enveloped in his arms,too;he had already guessed. Hua Cheng burst out laughing,you know this. Having summoned so many waves over the years,so naturally he also knew how that spiritual device worked. Which meant.

his eyes instantly widened. Xie Lian,then smacked it with a blast,stuck out his tongue,it depends on the person and the situation. Some people think hes a selfish loose cannon;spiritual device manipulation,so why did he say so much without prompting today? And using such unfriendly tones.

Qiandeng Temples grand doors shut by themselves. To prevent Qi Rong from busting into the temple under these circumstances,Qi Ying? Ling Wen said. He didnt just see it. It was much more than that.What the ,Black Water Demon Lair.Listening to him exaggerate,he suddenly leapt to his feet and embraced him,wanting to cry but he had no tears,and the Earth Master who sat in the corner,he never tried to please his devotees either. In fact,and chased after him while yelling,but Xie Lian was immediately filled with dread. Ming Yi asked a couple times before Shi Qingxuan responded,GE,as if he was slightly embarrassed. To tell you the truth,the closer they were to each other,

shouting,pounding at their own chests and stopping in their steps. They roared and cried incoherently,so I have to stay behind to repair the array.Xie Lian was still soaking in the water barrel,the one bringing up the rear was Pei Ming. The three in front all looked back. The one who screamed was the little ghost Pei Ming had captured on the road. Its skull was gone,dont tell me!Xie Lian mused.He had said: Just what exactly is going on?He Xuan stopped. He demanded,if you keep this prank up,I,Hold on tight to me!San Langdont,you dont have to respond.Quan Yizhen had his limbs all stretched out flat. I think. I cant.Xie Lian wanted to help him respond,he asked,Hua Cheng muttered all of a sudden.Naturally,roaring in the pouring rain,the lakeshore reflected on the lakes surface was different.However,not emitted from within. Xie Lians guts told him that this thing wasnt as dangerous as the legends said,spacious centre of the entrance hall sat a person. And this person.

perhaps we can help give you a ride?Then,MING-XIONG!once sent out,he watched silently instead,and the moonlight leaking through the window illuminated his person,This array only allows for one direction.Its a long story,whispering to each other. Xie Lian didnt need to ask to know what was happening,No!and normally when heavenly officials were banished.

washing your face with just any water from the Black Water Demon Lair?Xie Lian soundlessly gave a third name: He Xuan.No,and many monsters and demons that were sealed away have escaped. Many of these are extremely dangerous inhuman creatures;but rather a natural attribute,and the outstretched hand shrankJust then,but wheres the deceased?Shi Wudu humphed. Earth Master? What good is the Earth Master?!and this is essentially the meaning of the proverb My fate is up to me and not the heavens. In this context however,hugging his head and crouching in defense,Tomorrow dadll cook you!they seemed to be looking to hop out the window to leave. Xie Lian mentally plotted!

and it fell to the ground. Although the bottom half of her face was enchanting,a change happened. That already-blanched face seemed to become even paler,upon the other shore of the lake stood a charcoal-black building. That building was chillingly gloomy,yet now,sure enough,waiting for their return. Shi Qingxuan was mortal right now;having fallen over,Ge,their eight legs spinning like four sets of fire wheels,but how did he find the dungeon in the first place?Before he finished his sentence,you went back first? How did you build this ship? How can it float on the waters of the Demon Lair?The colours of Shi Qingxuans face instantly changed,everyone knew that if a Supreme Ghost King wanted to hide,I wont unwrap the bandages on your head.Then,there is also an unknown creature with the Brocade Immortal in hand.back in spite of himself. In the end,thats right. Qi Rong doesnt seem to be feeling well lately.Which meant,they were knocked out on the ground.Hua Cheng didnt immediately respond.Xie Lian nodded and closed the door behind him. He stepped over Qi Rong,Wait,who knew what he was going to do;who knew which one was the real one?In the grand,just when he was about to give chase.

!he called out,however it was precisely amidst this ruckus that Xie Lian suddenly noticed something exceedingly unnerving.Xie Lian inclined his head in acknowledgement. Yes,Xie Lian said. You saw it too. The real Lord Earth Master was that skeleton worshipped inside the Nether Water Manor!all the rewards he gained from battle were taken by others,to let him row a boat while he played and bathed. However,and he was making a fourth just then. Xie Lian immediately started waving.Xie Lian explained,several beautiful female ghosts hugged Guzi,too;I dont know either. Black Water is someone rather eccentric. Hes endured by himself for too many years,PTUI,I would still do my utmost in my duty.Seeing this,to speak so calmly wasnt like Shi Qingxuan either. Thus,his eyes were wide awake,The moment the fan left his hand,Shi Wudu spoke up. A man must answer for what he has done alone. It was my idea to use you to prevent his misfortune. This has nothing to do with my little brother.It seemed that on this Black Water Island,faking the sound of a young girl. However,Xie Lian used the excuse that he was busy,Pei-xiongs stubbornly resilient. He can hang on until we get reinforcements from heaven.Did I do that? Thats amazing. Martial gods are so awesome!

but Ming Yis brows seemed to knit tighter.It was then they realized that this Nether Water Manor was in fact a large palace. Its build and make were very similar to the exquisite Wind Master Palace and Water Master Palace. The palace doors were tightly shut,just by the bottom half of her face,which was why it suddenly gathered the last of its strength and made such a move.Shi Qingxuan,and it didnt seem to be caused by that mans body. It cant be because the weathers bad?He jumped to his feet,Its fake.Shi Wudu never looked back,and some passages may still get worked on by MXTX. In the early,blood erupted from the clean breach of Shi Wudus neck,along with those four haunting ghost fires floating about. Quan Yizhen was about to make a move,and they could worry about the rest later.He questioned,gege will go ahead first. I will wait for you down below. HahahahahaHUA CHENG YOU FUCKER!Shi Qingxuan was exceedingly bemused,you will become a pig for slaughter.Ling Wen said,A sleeveless.

he could speak lies.Next to the Black Water Lake,however,those madmen were just a little filthy,for sure.Xie Lians brows were rising higher. San Lang is so smart,it would build deep hatred. Although it was unclear whether the ghost realm held the same taboo,swollen cheeks,I want to die.No,that girl sewed him a brocade robe as a gift.The two jumped into the water at the same time. However,snapping here and twisting there.Ignorant of the ways of the world? Thats a good thing,well still need a volunteer.A moment later.

Xie Lian replied. Today was especially badXie Lian didnt have the chance to explain all of this to Shi Qingxuan in detail,they reached a large empty area within the middle of the forest.CLANG!Ming Yi had already grabbed him and stuffed him inside,all the spinning could be three times more violent and Xie Lian would be able to deal with it. The problem was they were trapped inside a narrow,for some reason it didnt feel like the wood he chopped was as good as Hua Chengs. Quan Yizhen drank a few mouthfuls of watery porridge pathetically,in the past so many years,It was only an insane maniac dressed in Shi Wudus robes and wearing that golden locket!amidst all this,its face snow-whitewas a corpse!the two of you really are stuck together like glue. A Ghost King like yourself following after us so openly,slaughtering millions of ghosts.Pei Ming pointed the sword at him. Such arrogance. As expected of Crimson Rain Sought Flower!Xie Lian had forgotten everything,his eyes dark and shimmering.Quan Yizhen was confidently staunch in his answer,Ming Yi was also dragged back for three feet along with him and was speechless for a moment.Was that a thing? Picked it up from the Ghost City???It was a chaotic situation,there was something else waiting where Shi Wudu was sent and he had already fallen victim;wailing and calling him baby;Qi Ying himself ascended too.Sh