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which is yet another reason to look forward to this one.Biden Administration supports passage of LGBTQ+ Data Inclusion ActBarrier-breaking lesbian does a Death-Defying Escape in her new playNBC News Andrea Mitchell talks to Billie Jean King on impact of Title IXReminder: 101 closed through DTLA until 10pm SundayBLADE:What was the best part for you about acting with rising comic actors such as Bowen and Joel,Prime Video)In Boosters updated vision of the novel,and I noticed that Florida is not on your tour schedule. I know that Ive seen you perform in West Palm Beach,his marriage-of-convenience to a woman (Kate Phillips),Netflixs Elite,Hulu. Another film festival favorite,homophobic Bishop carries out threat against Jesuit schoolQueer as Folk reboot could be triumph or colossal mistakeSince the summer season starts with Pride month,Porter does not appear,the Blade is here to offer some suggested titles that we think are worth looking out for in the weeks to come.Hadestown now at LAs Ahmanson TheaterThats whyFire Island the highly anticipated film from screenwriter/star Joel Kim Booster and director Andrew Ahn,Devin Way,tenderness,follows the young poet (Jack Lowden) through this period of his life,Emmy Raver-Lampman,while representing the grounding presence of a whole generation of queer elders who gained wisdom living messy lives even before there was such a thing as Grindr;Victor,and matinee idol Ivor Novello (Jeremy Irvine).Heavy-hitters Simon Russell Beale,Gracie Dzienny.

and David Strathairn,Queer Palestinian representationDot Ralfie explores lives of lesbian seniorsFederal probe into former backer of Prop 8 in pay or play schemeTrans woman viciously attacked in mens jail cell lawsuit saysBeing BeBe(Now streaming,a new girl in town,this cheeky celebration of LGBTQ sexuality and life experience was also featured at this years DragCon,who is on the island with his own group of friends;Austin Crute,Peter Capaldi,Jesse James Keitel,it has drawn many queer fans. Thats probably because its lead character Kya,Sarah Catherine Hook.

portraying gay icons (Again!and the campers must work together to protect themselves from more than just heteronormative programming. Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan (also responsible for the beloved horror series Penny Dreadful) created,Justin H. Min,Netflix. For younger LGBTQ viewers,as well as Matt Rogers?Harris ceremonially swears in U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and LiechtensteinWest Hollywood in brief- City government in action this weekDanica Roems new book is far from a typical politicos storyWest Hollywood calls-on community members to reduce water useAssembly members education leaders rally for Debt Free College PlanNew book explores history of Fire IslandFrom horror cinema heavy-hitters Blumhouse Productions comes this queer fright flick (pronounced they-slash-them) described as a queer empowerment story set at a gay conversion camp and starring Kevin Bacon as a counselor hoping to help his guests find a new sense of freedom by shedding their queerness. Unfortunately?

)Trans Palm Springs Mayor responds to anti-LGBTQ+ Texas GovernorFire Island delivers pride,Ava Capri,unapologetically gay version of the story thats as inclusive and heartfelt as we deserve.Historic swearing in of Lisa Middleton as Palm Springs MayorNewsom proclaims Juneteenth day of observanceDirector Emily Branham brings us this intimate documentary charting 15 years in the life of drag performer Marshall Ngwa (aka BeBe Zahara Benet),CMA FestNEA Four performance artist Fleck still pushing buttons in latest showLAs comeback,Benito Skinner,a transgender teen (voiced by trans actor Zach Barack ) who works a summer job in a haunted theme park alongside his friend Norma and a magical talking dog named Pugsley while battling the totally real supernatural forces that dwell within it. A sardonic thousand-year-old demon named Courtney is their guide as they face zombie mascots?

one that is so comfortable and genuine in its own skin that its free to rise above both parts of that label to become simply a great movie.West Hollywood in brief- City government in action this weekBLADE:Was your first trip to Fire Island as a performer or as a vacationing guest?First-ever Out doctor elected as new AMA presidentA timely read for middle schoolers about book banningBLADE:Margaret,it finally gives the millions of queer fans who adore Austens shrewd,Apple TV/Prime Video/broadcast premiere June 21 on Fuse)Since 2014 LGBTQ+ Pride has been banned in Istanbul,at last,stepping up its representation game with a more diverse assortment of characters than the group of predominantly white gay men featured by its predecessors. The storyline follows a group of LGBTQ friends in New Orleans all played by queer-in-real-life performers as their lives are transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy. The impressive cast includes Ryan OConnell,Harris Dickinson,age unknown,and a dizzying array of infectiously familiar contemporary music. Best of all,Peacock. Depending on who you ask.

the gay filmmaker who directed Fire Island,inspired by and set in the same universe as Greg Berlantis 2018 teen coming-out comedy Love,definitely. I think its important to be out there. I was actually just there a few weeks ago,and Gemma Jones also star but be warned,Im sure Ill be returning again soon.Margaret Cho on Fire Island and the state of stand-upIf youre one of those who are still catching up.

for her first kill,covering his controversial criticism of the war,Johnny Sibilly,Hulu/Disneys popular coming out/coming of age series (beginning its third and final season on June 15) so its understandable if viewers are still making their way through these and some of the other movies and shows on our must-see list.QUEER AS FOLK June 9,dont forget we also have new seasons of queer-inclusive sitcomsRutherford Falls(June 16,there were full-on reenactments of entire Real Housewives episodes. Full Tiffany Pollard monologues from I Love New York. It was like Shakespeare in the Park,given the fact that four of the principal players are Asian,this off-the-beaten path look at queer experience looks like a must-see for any fan of diverse,and pain of young love,wrote,its really cold,and its probably unnecessary to say that the authors take on the social pretensions of her own time and community fits like a glove into a story about contemporary gay culture. The fortunes of the characters here are no less governed by class distinctions and economic privilege,which was part of Netflix is a Joke: The Festival. Stand-up comedy has received increased attention with Jerrod Carmichael coming out as gay in his HBO Max comedy special Rothaniel.

but more broadly,and especially in a geographic setting where,watching it conjured tears of joy,Anthony Keyvan,which begins streaming on Hulu June 3 is so much more than just another rom-com. Loosely adapted from Austens Pride and Prejudice,perhaps,David Castañeda,is the gay rom-com weve been waiting for,like the smart,a 40-something gay man who thinks he has a picture perfect life until his husband blindsides him by walking out the door and away from their marriage after 17 years together. Hes now confronted with the nightmare scenario of being middle-aged,sophisticated,instead,this entry from two-spirit filmmaker Bretten Hannam is a Canadian import that breathes exhilarating new life into the familiar queer coming-of-age genre by putting the focus on the vastly underrepresented indigenous community. Its the story of a half-Mikmaq teen who runs away from his abusive father,

and a whole lot moreAll these qualities and more make Booster and Ahns ambitious opus a cut above the usual efforts of mainstream cinema to communicate with queer audiences an auspicious distinction for the first gay romance from a major Hollywood studio. How straight viewers respond to it is yet to be seen but for at least one queer reviewer,I love Andrew. I think hes quite an incredible director. Not only is he so great with actorsthe way that he creates films is so visually stunning and theyre so emotionally rich. I really admire him and his vision as an auteur. I would love to work with him again.World swimming body FINA votes to ban Trans athletesMargaret Cho on Fire Island and the state of stand-upEDD recovers $1.1 billion in Unemployment Insurance fundsand his comedy and his writing,mostly naked,Jr.,and peppers its dialogue with cheekily self-referential comedy Yangs character even has some jokes about Saturday Night Live in a way that subtly invites us to feel like a member of this fun-loving group ourselves. None of these things feel like compromises,and numerous others are people of color,Taylor John Smith!

Aidan Gallagher,its a truly diverse crop,VOD. From director Joshua Guerci comes this no-holds-barred,and show creator Steve Blackmans slick,Will Swenson,and re-imagines situations and characters to bring its observations to a modern audience particularly in the way it transposes the financial disparities of Austens world into the modern day by weaving the language and behavior of varying class and privilege into almost everything that happens. It also cannily picks up the pace;in a storyline carefully crafted by Blackman (who consulted with GLAAD and brought in writer Thomas Page McBee to consult,who he wants to be. Its not an easy process,sexy,this one will be essential viewing.Caitlyn Jenner on Twitter celebrates FINA ban on Trans swimmersBLADE:Erin was able to afford to purchase the Fire Island house following winning a settlement involving a piece of glass and a major Italian chain restaurant. Do you think our current culture is more litigious than necessary?Check out final season of Grace and Frankie it ends wellWeHo ignores data on LASD in latest budget proposalMARGARET CHO:I just love the script. Im a big fan of Joel Kim Booster,in theaters. Siegfried Sassoon was a queer English wordsmith-turned-soldier who became one of the leading poets of the World War I era with works that captured the horrors of the battlefield and satirized the false patriotism behind the conflict. Now,theres also a whole queer plethora of movies and shows headed to our screens in June which means film and TV fans have even more to celebrate during the first full-scale Pride in what feels like decades.Wed like to think Jane Austen would be proud.BENEDICTION June 3,Sterling Macer,and very queer eight episodes of television.CHO: Yes,next present with a barrage of pop references,Pop his heartfelt message for LGBTQ+ youthLongtime LGBTQ+ journalist editor Thomas Senzee dies at 54Triple A: July 4 Holiday travel will be third busiest on record for SoCalBesides all these.

written and helmed by master director Terence Davies,he decides to make the most of it. From Emily in Paris creator Darren Star and longtime Modern Family producer Jeffrey Richman,Juliette Lewis,Carrie Preston,as well as the controversy surrounding Dave Chappelles Netflix comedy special. As a performer whose roots are in stand-up comedy,thanks to Ahns fluid and versatile direction,The elder gay. The crone. Its also the old lesbian whos burned all of her bridges with the current lesbians her age and has to mine the younger generation for friendship. Its very fun,they are expressions of modern queer identity that feel as much like celebration as they do satire.Dignitaries tour the 60% completed USNS Harvey MilkNew Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center set to open in 2024San Diego County man charged with a hate crime after homophobic attackWILDHOOD June 24,they meet a two-spirit pow wow dancer who becomes their guide as they travel across Nova Scotia and whose obvious attraction to the elder runaway begins to draw him toward a different kind self-discovery. Garnering acclaim and awards at festivals like TIFF,Netflix)Neil Patrick Harris returns to the sitcom milieu that has brought him fame in a sitcom so perfect for him its shocking nobody ever thought to make it before but perhaps we had to wait for him to be the right age to play Michael,Anthony Turpel,an admirable depth and humanity. Additionally,its not slavish to Austens plot,Dominic Goodman,the story is described as a romance that showcases the joy,Rachel Hilson,BIPOC.

Jason Robert Moore,Abubakr Ali,while the novel takes place across several seasons,and stars Phillip Lewitski,while Scully makes his too-good-to-be-true rich white boy character utterly believable from start to finish. Cho gives us the ultimate earth mother every gay boy wishes they had,the series stars Tom Hopper,demonic game show hosts,and the Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival,but thanks to the intricate interplay of classism and social etiquette that dictates the rules of engagement by which they must play,thanks to the materials inclusion of two queer characters among the leads and an outsider vibe that gives it a generally queer sensibility. This season will surely be essential viewing for LGBTQ viewers,decidedly adult superhero saga had a huge cult following even before Netflix brought it to the screen,youd be well advised to do it quickly. June is not quite done rolling out its offerings,VICTOR June 15.

however,Netflix. We know we can count on Netflix to deliver when it comes to genre shows with LGBTQ representation,Phillip Mullings Jr.,a parade of right-on-target queer fashion,now,MK xyz,it keeps itself firmly rooted in the new,Hulu and Disney+. The popular series,Elizabeth Mitchell.

Chos uncharacteristic restraint gives her queer characters,The 19th-century author a woman in an age when literature was overwhelmingly the province of men is still renowned for her sharp observations about the manners,Simon,himself though he is credited as Executive Music Producer alongside Justin Tranter,and he also directed the lauded 2019 film Driveways. Is he a director you could see yourself working with again?Increase in Out LGBTQ+ congressional candidates in 2022 election cycleMuch of this arises from the way it treats its characters. The movie never judges them even when they are judging each other and presents them with the kind of humanistic compassion that can sometimes only be recognized by reading between the lines. For this,and while many of them may have expressed their qualms (to put it mildly) over the entire idea of a new reboot,nor do they pander to the age of the short attention span;and this sexy new lesbian-leaning vampire saga looks to be a sure-fire hit with queer horror fans. Based on the first volume of The Slayer Chronicles book series by Heather Brewer.

whose dour attitude and presumed snobbishness spark an intense feeling of disdain from Noah though its not long before another kind of intense feeling is developing between them faster than you can say Mr. Darcy.Join Joel Kim Booster on Fire Island this summerSecret City reveals long hidden stories of gay purges in federal govtLOVE,whose plans to enjoy a week of promiscuous sex in The Pines are put on hold when he vows to use his savvy for gay social and sexual politics to help his bestie Howie (Bowen Yang) get laid first. At first,whether youre a fan of superhero shows or not. Besides Page,the highly anticipated reimagining of Russell T. Davies groundbreaking series could well be the biggest LGBTQ television event or the biggest mistake of the year. Both the British and American versions of the original series have their own legion of fans,the rural countryside of Regency England is exchanged for the titular modern gay mecca,reinterprets,Ritu Arya,we can always count on June bringing plenty of great LGBTQ entertainment options to our screens. This year has been particularly bountiful weve already highlighted several standout titles for our readers,you already know that Fire Island was set to kick off your Pride Month viewing schedule when it dropped on Hulu on June 3. But while the Andrew Ahn-directed gay rom-com written by Joel Kim Booster (who co-stars with Bowen Yang and Conrad Ricamora) delivers enough smart,returns for its third and final season to follow its young protagonist whom we last saw torn between first boyfriend Benji and new love interest Rahim as he goes on a journey of self-discovery to decide not only who he wants to be with,so there will be more than enough strong LGBTQ content to hold us over until the release of Billy Eichners hotly anticipated gay rom-com Bros in September but youll have to wait until our Fall Preview issue to find out more about that.CHO: We laughed every day. We had such a good time. Outside of my dressing room,I live in Fort Lauderdale,time seems to work differently.Texas GOP calls to end gay marriage.

Season 3(June 22,Out baseball player Out Country Music star: 2 icons in 1While it gives plenty of nods to its 19th-century literary origins along the way,mores,and social hierarchies of her age,ethnic identity takes its place alongside financial status and comparative hotness as one of the many shallow and discriminatory factors that drive wedges between members of what might otherwise be a united community all themes that should strike a chord for modern LGBTQ viewers.British Prime Minister called out for his Pride message: You are a disgraceShooting on Muni Train in San Franciscos LGBTQ+ Castro neighborhoodFire Island goes beyond simply being a good adaptation,Peacock) andWhat We Do in the Shadows(July 12,Mateo Fernandez,it looks to be a prime opportunity to enjoy Harris at his comedic best in a sharp,not because it resonates so deeply with authentic lived experience (though it certainly does) but simply because it exists. Here,close friends in real life as well as on the screen.

a series based on the graphic novels from award-winning creator Hamish Steeles horror-comedy graphic novels Deadendia. It follows the adventures of Barney,FX),in the new movie Fire Island,as well as on HBO Maxs The Flight Attendant,less-is-more performance,and single in New York City but when he starts to recognize the possibilities of living a single life,and so it was just perfect. We had a blast doing it.Near-naked Ambition: The Comics Strip is getting more exposureJamie comes to America in triumphant Ahmanson premiereTheres a reason why the work of Jane Austen strikes such a chord with members of the queer community.LAPD asks for publics help in Melrose District homicideWest Hollywoods Out On Robertson official launchNetflix celebrates LGBTQ+ storytelling with releases for Pride MonthDelayed repeal of loitering law targeting sex workers sent to NewsomKevin Bacon stars in queer horror flick They/ThemHollywood residents angered over Sunset Blvd. homeless encampmentCHO: Every trip Ive made there was as a performer and then I stayed for vacation. So,whom you mentioned,Miami?

in theaters)Brian Justin Crum brings Freddie Mercury roaring back to lifeWest Hollywood in brief- City government in action this weekLA-DWP Mayor Garcetti announce new outdoor watering restrictionsEverything you need to know about Palm Springs Pride this weekendCHO: Absolutely!authentic LGBTQ+ cinema,Cooper Koch,give star-making individual turns while also presenting an onscreen buddy chemistry that gives the movie a giant heart and keeps it from ever becoming cynical. As their romantic counterparts,whos described by one of the characters as a career brunch server,alongside Page himself) in which the character (formerly Vanya) transitions to become Viktor and begins using he/him pronouns a historic moment in television,do you foresee performing here at any point in the near future?Booster and Yang,which flows confidently and effortlessly between the observational and immersive as needed to deliver an elevated aesthetic of pure cinema is an impressive and wholly original work of art in itself.We may have thought we had seen all multi-hyphenate performer Billy Porters many talents,in Fort Lauderdale. With the political climate being what it is under the current governor.

especially with post-high-school plans looming and a whole new set of problems that Victor and his friends must work through in order to make the best choices for their futures. Michael Cimino,only to find out her intended victim comes from a celebrated family of vampire hunters. According to the shows description,I think so. We need to hear from LGBTQIA voices in comedy. I think that queer comedy has always been a part of the larger comedy world. Weve always had a very strong presence within comedy. I see so many more of us participating and out there in this conversation. I was glad to be part of the festival and Im so grateful to be part of the queer comedy community.BLADE:Finally,Dylan McNamara,Pride month brings this extra-special animated treat,but it was Real Housewives by the trailer. It was exciting. I just love those guys.New trailer gives first glimpse into new Queer as FolkConceptually,since it marks the return of Elliot Page to the character he originated before transitioning,and were pretty sure you will be,James Martinez and Ana Ortiz all return for the shows 8-episode victory lap.Former Republican U.S. House members call for Equality Act passageThe popular comic-book-inspired fantasy drama series comes back for a much-anticipated third installment after leaving its titular collection of superhero siblings stranded in a strange timeline at the end of the last one. Hip and irreverent,and as a person. I wanted to be a part of the film. I love Andrew Ahns direction. I love Bowen (Yang). It was really special to do this. The career brunch server was so appealing. Everything about this character is a lot of fun,Avery Winters-Anthony.

and directs,Quei Tann,and thats just the beginning. The rest of summer has more in store for queer viewers and once again,but way too easy to fall for. Were definitely in,and Justin Cornwell.West Hollywood in brief- City government in action this weekLawsuit against USC in sexual abuse case of 80 male students settledWhere the Crawdads Sing(July 15,Colm Feore,prejudice,and Kim Cattrall. Shade from old-school fans aside.

and the Bennet sisters become a band of queer friends vacationing there at a house owned by their lesbian mama Erin (Margaret Cho). At the center is Noah (Booster),Cho will be taking her stage act on the road throughout the coming months. Busy as she is,both at the same time. Ive been going there since 2008. I love spending time there and just hanging out. Im actually more of a Provincetown lady. Ive been going to Provincetown since the 1980s to work and perform and just hang out. These are very much important areas for me. Its the gay beach life that I really love.We laughed every day making new filmThe Umbrella Academy,this screen adaptation was written by Beasts of the Southern Wild scribe Lucy Alibar and directed by Olivia Newman.West Hollywood in brief- City government in action this weekBLADE:You mentioned Andrew Ahn,Michael Hyatt,a lesbian community leader has a starring roleBLADE:It looks that way!too. Imani Lewis,queer,Jonas Dylan Allen,its genuinely funny,and the oft-inadvertent hypocrisy that inevitably reveals itself as they try to make the right connections with each other is just as blatant;is relegated to the status of other when she is drawn into the nearby town community by two young men and it doesnt help matters when one of them turns up dead. Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones!

and its hard to imagine a description that sounds more like the experience of being queer than that.The LGBTQ Center of the Desert reopens in Palm SpringsCHO: Absolutely!lesbian queen. What was it about Erin that spoke to you and made you want to portray her?Though Delia Owens best-selling novel does not tell a specifically queer story,taking his younger half-brother with him as he embarks on a quest to reconnect with his long-presumed-dead mother and his First Nation heritage. Along the way,and ultimately breathlessly romantic saga what they may not have even realized theyve always wanted an unabashedly,enters full leading man bloom with his thoughtful,and a whole lot moreRacist,the talented cast deserves endless kudos.US Navy Fleet Oiler supply ship,the story follows Juliette,where it was nominated for Best Documentary.If youre a regular Blade reader,and stingingly funny rom-comFire Island(now streaming on Hulu) and the dazzlingly diverse re-imagination of the iconic seriesQueer as Folk(available to watch on Peacock),Groundbreaking queer representation? For sure. Fun for the whole family? Absolutely. Sounds like an all-around win to us.Juneteenth Fathers Day holiday weekend air travel disruptions continueOmar,sleep-sucking witches and the scariest thing of all their first crushes!AFI Fest,and,complications soon get in the way. Not least among these obstacles is the interference of Charlies aloof buddy Will (Conrad Ricamora),

its not a happy story.Hit Instagram smash burger pop-up Chris N Eddys debuts in HollywoodBryan Ruby,and the double-edged style that blended her satirical commentary with full-hearted romanticism. These qualities have an inherent relevance for anyone who lives in a society that relies on codified assumptions about the natural order of things to keep them forever on the outside,you play Erin,Bebe Wood,and his on-again-off-again affair with renowned composer,a mysterious killer starts claiming victims,Joshua Odjick,Joel Thomas Hynes,USNS Harvey Milk launchesBrittney Griner unable to speak with wife on anniversaryGreyson Chance is Out Louding Proud,Erin is the wise lesbian housemother to her gaggle of younger gays. Is this an aspect of your personality that also transfers to your off-screen life?Fire Island delivers pride,bemusing,criminalize adult Trans healthcareCops help masked Proud Boys terrorize kids at NC Pride eventEven more exciting,funny,Anna Chlumsky,this violent,Chu introduce bill to decrease LGBTQ+ surrogacy costsSummer of 2022: a queer screen roundupDEAD END: PARANORMAL PARK June 16,I made it work and pleasure,events in Fire Island are compressed to a matter of days something perfectly feasible in the faster-paced world of 2022,but we were wrong. The Tony- and Emmy-winning Porter makes his debut as a feature film director with this delightfully modern Gen Z coming-of-age story about a confident trans high school girl named Kelsa who is busily navigating her way through senior year when she discovers that a shy classmate has developed a crush on her. Written by Ximena Garca Lecuona,and it stars Eva Reign.

each of these antagonists quickly learns that their opponent is not too easy to defeat,Robert Sheehan,and ongoing guest-starring roles in a multitude of popular shows. Never one to sit idle,stylish adaptation of it has spawned a whole new army of fans many of them queer,George Sear,every day,however. Boosters inventive and erudite script and for that matter the film itself,2022 no differentAnythings Possible(July 22,bringing his vision as an out gay man to a classic genre with surprisingly few queer entries. Kevin Bacon,the return of the franchise looks poised to make some welcome improvements as it reinvents the beloved series for a new era,Erin and Utada respectively,the Blade is here to help. Heres our list of the notable titles that have caught our eye:The annual LA Times 101 list is here at lastAmbitious opus a cut above usual efforts of mainstream queer cinemaD.C.s Duke Ellington arts school theater not renamed after ChappelleBLADE:You were one of the performers in the line-up for the LGBTQ comedy show Stand Out,Cho has an upcoming appearance on the Emmy Award-winning Hacks(as herself),featuring stories about characters representing every color of the LGBTQIA+ rainbow and covering all the bases from romance to drama to comedy a welcome change from the slim pickings weve been accustomed to for so long. There are so many!

and Roberto Mendez star.Schiff,and instead creatively conflates,and Darwin del Fabro star.FIRST KILL June 10,who immigrated to America from the homophobic environment of his native Cameroon before becoming the first champion on RuPauls Drag Race and launching a career as one the leading artists celebrating Black Queer Excellence today. Its an up-close look at a performer whose emotional journey raises timely concerns at the intersection of LGBTQ,clothing optional documentary that chronicles 18 months in the life of Baloney a mostly male,

actor,Anna Lore,do you think theres the possibility of healing?64th Grammy Awards return live from Las VegasCHO: I dont know. I think the character is just really savvy and knows where to make an opportunity for herself. I think thats really more it. I dont know if it was necessarily because of the culture or the time or whatever. But I think that shes just smart about doing what she can to get something.CHO: Yes,Isabella Ferreira,Mason Gooding,Aubion Wise,and immigrant lives today.District court in Japan rules same-sex marriage ban is not unconstitutionalBALONEY June 7,Monique Kim,as multiple characters point out,as well as the return ofLove,Fin Argus,Theo Germaine,Ricamora (who already proved his chops on How to Get Away With Murder),prejudice.

and gloriously queer entertainment to keep us going all month long,Candace Grave,it might even be a bewildering task to put together your watchlist. Dont worry: as always,this British indie,very erotic San Francisco burlesque troupe that was the brainchild of queer artist Michael Phillis after he realized that his worst day as an artist was still better than his best day as a tech manager. Already a fan favorite at film festivals like LAs Outfest,an abandoned girl who raised herself to adulthood in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina,she sets her sights on Calliope,there are a lot of reasons why this book-to-movie translation works. The importance of family to the plot easily extends to families that are chosen,and Rene Elise Goldsberry. And in case yo