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She was possessed by the villainess in the novel. When her fianc, the crown prince, married their childhood sweetheart, Helena, she poisoned her to death. From the moment she realized she was possessed, I have only one goal: to escape the world in this novel. She tried to escape this world, even if it meant dying, but the world wouldnt let her. But when she refused to follow the path of Eris in the original story, the men who had ignored and persecuted her began to beg for her attention and affection.

Asked the priest who brought Helena back to life, and the hero who swore her eternal love.

And the Crown Prince who won Helenas heart.

It was a new question. They didnt even care about Eris.

She the new Eris didnt feel attached as time passed. She had no confidence in loving this world.

Abandoned Saintess and Demon S*ave(2)

Survive As the Villains Cousin(2)

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I dont know why so many readers dont want the MC, so for the those who hate this kind of novel or this type of MCs, youre not even worthy reading this, I love this so much (dont even ask why), I read the novel I even read the manhwa. But make the author feel discouraged, just because you dont like this type of novel or youll just make a trask talk here was really make piss me off.

A small review because I feel the need to do so. Perhaps this will help someone decide whether to read or not. I apologize in advance for my English.

This is an absolutely unique novel. It stands out from other isekai, if only because of the main character, who stays true to her desire to return home and does not run into the sunset with the song Let It Go. In fact, there are many such refreshing details.

The MC is shown here almost like a living person. She has flaws, complexes


and dark sides, she can break down psychologically and develops as the story progresses. I see a few reviews here that think MC is disgusting for various reasons (probably these people love MC like Im so good, Ill think of everyone but myself, and also have no irl complexes at all, huh), so Ill say: almost for every bad deed or word of the MC we are given an explanation. Not an excuse, but an explanation. To see this, you just need to think about what you read and be able to connect the dots.

This novel becomes very, VERY emotionally heavy and dark in the second half. And there is literally no one mentally healthy character. NO ONE. Literally every character has a frankly sucky childhood and trauma from there... or just trauma. Keep this in mind.

The only real downside for me is that all the male characters here are shown to be hideous (well, except for ML, but his situation is a bit different and you have to read the extras to better understand him). Perhaps this is part of the authors irony over the clich (as in the first chapter, where the MC literally thinks someone would dream about it and decide to stay in this world, but I dont want to), but Im not sure.

Well, I really would like to write more and disprove some of the statements from other reviews, but I dont feel comfortable with my English. So I will stop here and recommend reading this story. Its imperfected in many ways, so theres no guarantee youll love it in the end (although for me its become a gem in my personal golden collection of novels), but its should be read, because its a whole new take on the isekai theme.

I love the manhwa, so this review is based on that. Reincarnated into a novel the MC has single-minded determination to return to her world, at no point does she try to adapt to this world setting other than to secure a way home, she only interacts with others if she has too, she will follow any route that leads to her goal of returning home.

She finds herself in conflict often, not by her will but due to circumstances, she is completely indifferent to this world and people, but will


on occasion show some consideration to others, she doesnt go out if her way to be problematic without reason.

Her actions are entirely disingenuous, so, she will be callous, cruel, selfish, self indulgent, willing to help others for benefits and be indifferent, because this world and its people mean nothing to her.

I find this so refreshing, too often stories like this end up with the MC giving up and living in that world, but not this MC, she wants to return sooner rather than later, her determination is absolute.

I have read the single star review, they are not wrong, but the mindset of that reader is judging her on her actions, certainly she comes across as they described, the problem with that is the MC doesnt care about anyone other than herself, which is fine. Her feelings her thoughts her desires are all that matter, shes not there to earn the humanitarian award she wants to leave, she doesnt care how either, if that reviewer was hoping for a relatable kindhearted selfless MC then youre definitely reading a story you wont like.

I dont hate stories where MC isekai then adapts immediately, I like stories like that. But, think about it, isnt it natural to wish to return to the original world??? And also, about Helena. Why did Eris have to be so kind to Helena? There is no rule to always be nice to everyone, I know Helena is also struggling. But at least she


should be aware of her position, the crown prince whose Eriss fianc prefers her than Eris, and Helena shamelessly ask Eris to be friends with her. Is she s*upid or what?

Im not saying that being powerless like Helena is a despicable act, I think she should stop crying, is all she can do is cry? Just because you are weak doesnt mean all your actions are justified

It sucks to see Eris get into trouble because the people around her always blaming her meanwhile Helena can only cry in front of the crown prince because she doesnt know what to do

Everyone blames Eris even when she doesnt do anything, I really didnt expect her to be such a positive person (being a positive person isnt bad). There are times when a person gets fed up with everything and chooses to stop being close to people, too tired to even try. No one know which is the right choice, should she live here or return to her original world?, but that doesnt matter, Eris will choose, and whatever the decision she hope she choose. I hope Eris will get happy ending

Love the female lead and Male lead, hate the other characters (well, except for a few minor characters). Ive read the novel already (mtl), so I know how the story ends. Let me just say, youll depise the imperial family down to the ground. They cant be redeemed, no matter what.

crown prince is not the male lead. I hate this narcissist man the most! He tried to r*pe the FL because she didnt want to marry him anymore. And the sad thing was, only she lived with those memories of trauma while he got away with it because of the time rewind she had to do for killing him to escape being r*ped. Hes not redeemable no matter what! Hes a spoiled disgusting tr*sh! This a** only gets tired of his toys (he sees FL as an object) easily if they show him interest. When they dont show him interest anymore, he gets pissed as to why they dont like him anymore. He has a deep dark obsession with FL, which is not love because he wants to be in control in their relationship and doesnt like when things dont go his way. This dude got pissed when he found out FL held no feelings for him anymore. And thought it was his right to gate keep who she could like or not. He even admitted in his POV that he wanted her to love him like crazy for life, even if she couldnt have him. FN sick narcissist!!

2nd disgusting person that I hate in this novel/manhwa is the priest (one of the og ML from og story). This dude is the HALF-BROTHER of Eris. His mother was a mistress of Eris father. Anyways, this dude wanted to commit incest with Eris because of his obsession with her. Its disgusting. I also hate that like the other terrible characters, he also never received retribution for the harm he caused on Eris. *Sighs*

He also just as twisted as the rest of the OG male leads from the original story. Just like the other two men, he doesnt know how to accept denial and has no respect for Eris.

The OG is on a neutral side for me. I dont like her and I dont hate her either. Her actions are annoying though and she is hella naive to the point that her miss who only knows good attitude rubs me off the wrong way. Its sickening. She gives me the Cinderella-syndrome vibes.

Male Lead is her personal knight she hires. What I like about him is that he respects her boundaries and personal space. Hes caring and looks out for her.

FL personality stayed consistent through out the story, which was a good thing because they usually flip flop in these type of genres. But there was one flaw I hated about plot and it is how the soul switching was handled by the author. FL dies in the world she was brought in and her soul eventually travels back to her OG world. Although the soul switching was done better in this story than some others Ive read, it always leaves a distasteful after math for the author to just throw away Eris body and og soul away like that. Their was really no one who truly mourned for her. I just felt empathy and pity for her. She was really just used up like that as a stepping stone for the plot. Thats probably why I sometimes dislike soul swapping back and fourth stories because all of these authors just really be doing the OG body and soul dirty. I think the only soul switching that was done right without me feeling irritated for the soul swapping is from a chinese novel called Refuse to be a Supporting Character (completely translated and has official translations on kindle and other ePUB services). Dont get me wrong, I liked that she wanted and returned to her original world. I just didnt like how it was handled at the cost of an innocent soul and body (Eris) as the stepping stone (as I mentioned before) to get there. Honestly I think if the author wanted to use the OG body of the transmigatration FL as the end game, they should have just stuck with using her body to time travel at the beginning instead of using this whole villianess body plot. Because now it doesnt even feel like a villainess plot, just feels like a normal soul swapping plot. Which makes it mediocre.

Another thing I was not satisfied or disliked, which was the whole god controlling people plot. Although it may seem like these gods got retribution, it didnt feel like it at all. They were still controlling innocent lives to make a play for their entertainment. This is prob why I prefer stories where the MC defies heaven and gods and these people who call themselves god end up getting brought down by the MC from there pedestal. *Sighs* Seems only Xianxia and Xuanhuan stories do better at plots like that.

Ending is HEA. It was on okay read, not the best though.

I really dislike the MC. She is coldhearted, self-centred and acts like she has it the worst in the world. Threatening commoners and thinking she is different from the other nobles because she thinks everyone is a sub human instead of just looking down on commoners like the nobles do she looks down on everyone (cause this is just a novel not real life in her eyes). Great, MC you are even worse than the nobles. Also that commoner was right to say that she thinks that commoners are worthless,


she does in fact think so. She also feels that being hit by the prince is so incredibly tragic and nobody understands her pain or has to suffer such an unjustice. Yes, someone who is in the body of a noble lady complained about the suffering of getting an undeserved slap and having to bear with it. Truly, nobody else has suffered such injustice. How tragic. It will go down in history as the greatest injustice anyone has ever suffered. Then in the palace she is running after that priest love interest of the protagonist to talk to him and shock, she stumbles! She gets really upset because: This would have never happened to Helena (the protagonist) whom people are drawn to. Oh, no! Woe is me, Im not getting treated like a main character just like all the other people who dont get MC treatment, how tragic! She wants to commit murder to see if this means she can leave the novel. Nevermind that the prince only slapped her and thats not a crime worthy of death. When a knight talked about whether she was going to appoint a personal knight, the MC scolded him in her head for being superficial for wanting to serve a beautiful lady. You see he is superficial because he would not want to serve someone not beautiful. It is weird she as a modern woman sees no issue with the actual problem in this scenario: Social classes, aristrocacy and why in the world is a lady worthy of having a human serve them like they are their betters. This MC is the superficial one if the first thought that pops into her head is about how people care about beauty. MC only thinks about herself. The author also acts like she is great because she tells the knight to live for himself. Excuse me author, but that is nothing special. The MC is from modern times, I expect her not to think that she is a superior human as a noble and deserves servitude from those of lower status as her due. I loathe this novel. The MC reads like an edge lord. Woe is me Im the most pitiful, Im completely apathetic about life, Im so cool and special, different from the rest! The absolute cringe.

Ill start of by saying that the team that worked on this is really good - the translation is smooth and easy to understand. However, this novel is definitely not everybodys cup of tea.

The novel features the perspective of not just Eris, but Helena, Emma (the maid), the 3 original MLs Jason, Hubris and Alecto. And it even touched on the past of the imperial family and Marquis of Miserian and his deceased wife through the recounts/stories of others.

The pacing is fine to me - 90 chapters for main story and another 17 for side stories is good.

The way its written. Some parts were hauntingly beautiful. You could just feel the anguish and despair of Eris. And the will yet helplessness of Helena.

Some people dont like Helena. Since this novel is based off Eris perspective, in the beginning, I can understand why. Original Eris or current Eris both werent a fan of Helena at the start, so of course their perspective of her will be skewed. For a woman with no family, no education, no money... just how can you expect her to be like other typical strong female leads? Though later on, youll see shes still strong in another sense, mentally.

This was going to be a 5 stars for me, but frankly, halfway


through, I just got really tired and frustrated of Eris constant moaning. I get that she couldnt fit in this world (granted, the world never gave her much of a chance either) but its just tiring for me to read it. My mood just goes down.

While the women in this story were pretty well-developed, the men......... I dont have much to say. Even for Anakin. But hey, he isnt meant to be an OP character in the first place.

From the start, I knew Eris was going to get a happy ending because this is now her story, the only question is how. Still, I do wish that Helena will have a story of her own where she can find real happiness.

The MC will stab an innocent person as the climax.

But I hope you read my review first before you decide not to read this novel. I feel like some people dont understand the MC Eris so my review is mainly to clear things up, not devalue others review. There are many of her good points, but I wont be talking about that.

Eris is not a saint, but I wouldnt say shes evil either. She does show empathy to people who help her. The heronine Elena doesnt count. She is nice, but her situation makes Eris the bad guy, so shes not obliged to reciprocate tbf. Shes cold to Elena, but I wouldnt say shes evil to her.

Yes, Eris stabbed Elena but she has to. Yes, she still did it so it doesnt justify the crime, and she knows that. Thats the point. She needs to be a criminal to get her death flag. Thats the only way to return to her old world. I am NOT saying Elena deserved to be stabbed, and Eris feels the same way. Eris do feel regret for her biased opinion towards Elena and how this came to be. Elena will also have character growth!

progress towards her bad ending, but she never did more than necessary. Shes simply apathetic or bites back. Take note. And the whole thing about her looking down on people? Thats just her only defense as a noble lady against the people who shouldnt even be allowed to be rude to her in that society. Shes not the one who set the social rules, but she will use it as a weapon. She also uses it against Elena because her ignorance is harmful to Eris.

Eris actions are only for her end goal: home. It is her objective. Unwanted situations come to her. And those situations are Elenas three male leads. I personally hate them.

They will be obsessed with her, but it is not love and there is no respect. It is one sided and this is not a harem, so rest asured.

Anakin is the only male lead. He is loyal and respectful. Some may say he doesnt have any presence, but I adore him (especially in the manhwa because you can see his expressions a little). The side stories have more of his POV.

I feel like my review is not helping, but I want you to know what you will be signing up for: Eris is NOT a saint (I adore her though, cough). Reading this novel will make you feel unfair. At some point, you may even feel pity for the antagonists like the Empress. I saw the tragedy tag so I was up for it, ofc.

So this one is right up there in my tastes for a series of reasons, but the principal point would be the fact that the MC first and foremost just wants to go back to her world. This point is of the utmost importance as it justifies how she deals with most of the other characters, as someone that was suddenly thrown into a new world where she is treated as smelly crap by almost everyone and shunned, but this is


taken from the point of view from an outsider that is not the one that deserves it (and most of all, the original MC persona too did not deserve it, but that is another interesting take that is kind of a spoiler, that I must not spoil as it explains and justifies the apparent reason why she is so shunned by almost everyone, and this point was an amazing surprise to me, as it brings realism and ugliness to the world-building that got me really interested, more so than before).

The second point of my love for this is the MC poison tongue. Brutal does not even begin to describe her. She utterly destroys the characters (at this point at least the ones she can actively do it with words, the ones that she can not she at least does it indirectly). She must be one of the most honest and real characters I have read, as you can really understand why she is so fed up with it all, and how she deals with all the crap thrown at her in a relatable manner, at least to me. No human being (of the modern world) would take the sh*t that happens with her much differently, she is cunning and composed, so she can deal with it all (at least superficially) well. But even so, you can feel how bad she gets it, as someone that is shamed and slandered and who does not deserve it, and how she suffers from all of this shit, but even so, returns it when she can. Just from this point, it turns this novel up so much for me that I can not recommend it more.

The bad part is the constant suicide point. I get it that it is part of the plot (and kind of justified), but it is really depressing. At least she somewhat understands that it does not work and she must deal with it some other way. And for that, the world mechanic is explained to justify why she is shackled in this situation, which is a nice touch.

Lastly the fact that this world is a book, and she is a character of the book whose past and reasoning is not detailed, but that has a past and development that is integral to the tale and does not appear in the main story of the novel but explain all the original novel plot, is a special positive point that turns this isekai in a specially good one.

I can not recommend it enough. If you like a silver-tongued related character and interesting vengeance in the form of, mostly, shame and berating, this one is for you. Just be ready to see some despicable and utter ugliness (if some spoilers I had read are true it gets very dark at one point, really).

Well, honestly speaking, the romance in this novel is a bit badly developed, the feelings come too suddenly, though considering all characters have some sorts of mental issues, its still relatively logical. Theres not much to say about the male characters. Their loves are sad, desperate, and purely crazy. The female characters are better written, and I love how Helena isnt just some kind and naive girl but actually a strong person who was never given chances to grow and the power to stand up for herself. I must admit


that this novel isnt the best out there, being full of tension yet no relief nor clear solution. And the translation of the first few chapters is a bit bad, with the pronouns messing up here and there. But its a nice read, with the characters trying to live sincerely, even in the darkest of time.

Kill the Villainess is a unique book about the MC, wanting to return to her world. Im sure most of us dreams of being transmigrated into a world and enjoying life despite the role we might wake up to. But lets admit none of us want to wake up and find themself in Attack on titan even for Levi.


up in a world knowing nobody but the whole world hates you. From the way you speak to the expensive items you wore. You would be lable as manipulative and arrogant. Everything you do is wrong and everyone hates you. Would you stay there? or would you go back to the world where you had some form of love.

The 3 male lead, Alecto. Jason and Hubris. Why shouldnt Eris be mean to them? The 3 of them never cared for Eris and I dont see them actually liking Helena as well. Helena seems more of a pet, since they dont allow her to reject. They mention they like Helena because she see them and not their status. Well Helena doesnt even know their status because they hid the fact from her. In the OG book, they disregarded Eris all because she hurt Helena. I understand that people change and they care for the MC seen on most transmigration stories. But the three of them care for Eris in a way Hubris care for Eris because he have a savious complex. Jason projecting himself onto Eris. Alecto losing something that has always been with him. None of them love her. Thats why they pushed her around according to their wishes. When all she wanted to do was die.

I love how they talk about the other minor character. The empress and Emma. Though it would be so much better if they talk about the first prince.

Heol, if youre here for ROMANCE GENRE, it is almost non-existent (only a sprinkle here and there) and if you wanna see proper romance developing, it will not happen. I came here to see retribution and also a blooming romance of two strong leads! But this novel wont give that to you instead if you wanna read

heavy angst, obsession, tragedy, and deep negative character development


the first half of the novel, the author introduces a lot of random things and a lot of non-sensible characters do exist. However, because most of the first half is all about shocking everyone from the sudden change of MCs character, it was mostly fun to read! Unfortunately, it seemed as if the novel was not properly fleshed out by the author in the first half as a lot of interesting and confusing parts arise such as:

Eris not informing the readers of the existence of the knight at the beginning of the novel. She just suddenly says that the real OG Eris had a knight whom was supposedly (this was a claim from the readers of the original novel) in love with Eris based on the novel. Then we later find out that she chooses Anakin as the knight, however, I believe, Eris (MC) did not confirm that he was the actual knight of the OG Eris from the novel (he may just well have been a random extra; though the novel justifies and labels him as the OG knight just because FATE had pushed MC into choosing Anakin that day lol). Then, later on, she informs Anakin that he will fall in love with her because that was implied by the people who read the novel. Yeah so, a lot of confusion there. Was the love due to causation of the world or was it actually purely formed, I dont know. But at this point I would like to think, it was the causation of the world as the theme of this story is heavily linked to tragedy.

The second half is just pure angst and this goes on until the end of the novel. At this point, I skimmed through the descriptions and only read the dialogue marks of the characters. The placing of the character justification in my opinion was not proper but does fit the tragedy and heavy theme. You would expect such character descriptions would have appeared in the first half but no, the author introduces each negative character during the whole angst arc. This makes it very hard to read for me, as I developed no sympathy for any of the characters and I mentally could not be asked to learn about their reasonings when in the first place, none of the characters properly acted out morally during the whole novel. NONE. OF. THEM. Because the book is all about, everyone against Eris from the beginning till the end. That is until the author suddenly brought about the very unbelievable obsession the characters had towards Eris, which was disgusting to read. I would have them all rather stay the same, being evil lol. But again if you think about it, I guess a villainess would always be treated like this due to the world causation, but I would like to believe that proper and nicer character development could have been brought about since,

the existence of witches was introduced (which apparently was never part of the real OG novel storyline lol). You would expect that due to the introduction of an anomaly then perhaps a different and nicer ending would have been procured but no, lol. The witches were only there to give Eris a method to kill, and to save Eris to enable the growth of her trauma and thus throwing the plot into disarray and confusion (which is understandable given the very traumatic event, though I do wish the author did not go to that extent because I still believe Eris could have either screamed hard for Anakin or even better kept him strongly at her side when she was already warned by the witch or kicked the perpetrator in the shins hard which is known to be great pain, or perhaps, the freaking witch could have provided her with a sort of mechanism to save herself but no, Eris clearly needs to be traumatized)

The character development was quite depressing. You would expect most characters to develop for better however, this novel portrays everyone as the MCs enemy, and thus, everyone except most female characters develop in such a negative light and thus these characters are harder to sympathize with.

The romance did not bloom as naturally as it couldve instead they are only mentioned in a few paragraphs or sentences in probably 10 chapters out of the whole 90 chapters.

I am still giving this novel 4 out of 5 due to the intense tragedy and angst it provides. Because I believe this angst and disappointment I feel towards the story of our villainess Eris, was the purpose the author wrote this. I can see that they went for the hardcore what if, no matter what you do, the novel will almost stick hard to the storyline towards your death and what if because you are the villainess, even if you breathe innocently, everyone will still look at you and think of you in disdain and that you will always be evil. So, I would like to say this would be a kind of realistic novel if someone does get transmigrated to another universe into the body of the villainess.

Sadly, I picked up this book for the wrong assumptions and it has now left me with immense disappointment overall. But yeh, if you want tragedy, heavy angst, unsatisfactory revenge which cant be really called revenge, and dark themes (mostly dark thoughts) then this is the book for you!

Its so sad that no one even bothered helping the stranger Eris even though they knew she was not from the world. To be honest, this novel doesnt really justify th