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Todays top voted Realistic FictionView allFiction1voted by our readersA Falling LeafBy

The girl walked outside for another day of work. Everything was the same in her life except for the four seasons that had seemed to come each year. It was the beginning..., Cupertino, California

12 articles1 photo0 commentsView profile3FictionThe Struggles of WritingBy

1 article0 photos0 commentsView profile4FictionThe DecisionBy

3 articles0 photos0 commentsView profileTodays most discussed Realistic FictionView allFictioncommentsPerfectMAGBy

The eyeliner makes the dark circles less pronounced. The lip gloss hides the trembling. The ponytail conceals missing patches of hair. The Abercrombie sweater covers bruises. I mig..., State University, Arkansas

1 article0 photos0 commentsView profileFictionTime of DeathMAGBy

2 articles0 photos0 commentsView profileFictionToy SoldiersMAGBy

1 article0 photos2 commentsView profileMost recently submitted Realistic FictionView allPreviousNextFictionA War By EarthBy

2 articles0 photos0 commentsView profileFictionHow Music Connects the BrokenBy

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