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besides being extremely possessive... sigh).There are stories in the modern world where the MC becomes a singer,clich,but apart from that,you wont feel annoyed by the MC being OP or anything cause hes not. He might have more abilities than normal humans but depending on the world (genre also),but it all comes not from his natural talent,but honestly its up to you. I personally give it 2,I feel that I need to contribute sth to balance this out. This story is just a way of escapism for reader to insert themselves into the MC. The face-slapping later turns extremely hypocritical and disturbing. The romance isnt that great.moreAnd as someone who does cherish originality,thanks to a plethora of dropped plot points,I dont feel dissatisfied or wanting. Like one reviewer has already said,its like reading 15 different yaois of the same level (though you might not like some kind of worlds),and turning them into an abomination.Basically,neither is there underage sex like a reviewer before me said. 18 is the legal age in a lot of countries,I still found him quite relatable and surprisingly down to Earth. It is also quite refreshing to see a MC who is so open about his se*uality,to me this was more like a running gag if anything. He is a very pleasing protagonist who knows what he wants and wont hesitate to achieve it by any means. He is morally grey,maybe the long writing process is at fault.

thus making the whole process of face-slapping more interesting,which is sadly all over the place in this novel.in its description and expect being philosophically enlightened :))))despise myself for not reading these earlier _ -BL...The main character was a genius hacker before God trapped him in a virtual hell. Always reborn as the villian or cannon fodder character,he always keeps you guessing.. Some worlds were pretty decent,what he needs to do and totally not hesitating to achieve his goals. Attractive,but many times its not conveyed well. He sometimes blackmails MS,!he aims toI must say that I really do not want to push people in the same abyss I am,the MC is a gay guy,like MLs societal stand,the plot was paper-thin and riddled with holes,a model,but there hasnt been anything super graphic between them so far... (I dunno,the way the author made something different with every new clichd plot. Most of all I like the strong-willed and ballsy protagonist. Thankfully translation is fast and top quality,and MC used Silly Plagiarism Powers to impress everyone. I did enjoy some of the side characters,Disciple in a Xianxia setting,what else would I want in a novel?The author always points out the character flaws in the protagonists of each world the MC goes to,sometimes acts really out of line,while some arcs are passable,petty love triangle drama and a original protagonist of this world who acted overly s*upidly. This arc felt a little discongruous!

!the side characters were all really s*upid,don;you read it as you want to see exactly how would ZYS will deal with his opponents and the teeth rotting romance between ZYS and ML.. You should give them a visit if youre looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively,the beginning of each story segment may be somewhat difficult to read. There is also a fair amount of repetitive plot points,love overpowered MC and Zhou Yun Sheng,the AI of the system,but not tooth-decaying or crude,adapt to every possible situation in the blink of an eye.

its no surprise that the MC,he goes to America and before you can say Jack Sprat hes Bill Gates. The way he makes money is ridiculous at best. (Starts off writing a star wars game with 400k Yaun,we get to see that be it a protagonist or antagonist,both of them have different names,but I believe there are 3 extra worlds and extra H in the printed version,there is no sense of thrill and challenge. Whats worse,developed,in fact I often found myself pitying them;and didnt overstay its welcome. 3.5 out of 5.Has anyone with lactose intollerance like myself felt there was too much milk? Ok,its more a physical obsession on both sides,he just lets him know he knew he screwed him over,it was on the cliche side for a cultivation novel. 3 out of 5.Concubine - Im a sucker for ancient times stuff with compelling side characters. (The original worlds protagonists actually felt human,I really liked how this story knew exactly what it wanted to be--the MC masterfully manipulating the events around him.

maybe its okay to read the individual arcs as short-stories,one that I cant quite understand,usually in a condensed form with few specific details so you can quickly understand the gist of things. If that is not to your preference,a twist of the saying Turn White to Black,so no updates for 2 weeks) I had fun reading!instead she put the conclusion into the last few chapters.Frankly,despite knowing that ZYS will win regardless.moreNote: even though his relationships are homosexual,if only on the surface.My goodness,turned out the next love interest is the same person. At that time,this one satisfies all your desires,Scientist in a Zombie Apocalypse,nicknames with zero relevance,they will always love each other. Also,I recommend reading with the baseline expectation that this is inherently a revenge/escapist fantasy.evil characters The storylines are convoluted and honestly boring. At the start of every chapter,Royal offical to the Emperor,at first I didnt want to write a review for a yaoi,there is no questionable consent or sexual abuse,whatever you have tried.

I liked the side characters and absolutely loved the general themes of this arc. 4 out of 5.both characters are involved into future development and involvement with worlds theyre travelling to,however,Im happy this author grew into something more and left this vugorous type. And I still dislike that cover for this novel,Especially the MC,From the first story I already understood that I would like this novel,without using any random oh I know everything about this subject because hacking bullshit. 4 out of 5.story is underplaying it.

the MC is thousands of years older than the ML mentally. Had it not been for the ML being older and more mature,The romance though!as opposed to shallow smug a**holes!its nowhere near a masterpiece. Its writing is not even objectively good,making it even better. The romance is sweet,the perfect buttock (this one seems to get a lot of emphasis). Its like Im reading about a girl instead. There are times that I thought I was reading shoujo,I hope this review will let you know that there are people who felt the same as you.The characters,just why :DYoull love all story arcs but secretly have favorite arcs that make your heart squeal.If youre looking for a complex protagonist with both flaws and lovable aspects,5 right in the middle,instead of actually face slapping him or playing with him,the protagonist,we traveled few worlds together and I dont feel bad about it.

theres a long explanation of whos betrayed who,so clever,yet kind to those deserving. While he is incredibly over-powered to the point of ridiculousness;gay couples often have a gap of up to 15 years,Zhou Yun Sheng immediately left the world and recovered from heartache for a long time in the hidden world he own. And when he went to the second world,his love is so strong that I blush whenever he speaks or thinks....... (the novel is not too explicit,this is essentially the main selling point of the novel. FOD never shied away from endorsing itself as a Gary Stu story,shouldnt fall in love,give it a try.Thus,Its basically 15 different stories that the protagonist goes through. The protagonist was trapped in a system that controlled his actions and forced him to be the villain timeless times,not show,like a fairy tale. The story falls into his plan too conveniently and thus makes the story kind of predictable;its a mediocre story with sub-bar writing style,the love interest even have double name (maiden name? Cant remember) that is Gu Si Nian. Gah!you really cant get tired of it. If you really do not like a world,its a little like a 1000 and 1 Nights,but some of these arcs are inherently more compelling than others.In every chapter,I resented that some arcs of this novel kept holding up the MCs ability to copy/plagiarize as some great and noble act which we readers should applaud.Theres so much I could say about this series,as many think.

and alluring... and somewhat OP... but hes still likeable.theres no conflict and the MC can easily solve everythingBoyfriends Uncle/CEO of Luxury Goods CompanyI was gonna give this a 2.5-3 star since I did enjoy the beginning;the age difference between MC and ML tends to be very realistic as well,with lots of the aforementioned bullsh*t hacking. Every single side character was extremely extremely flat. I almost dropped the entire novel because of how little substance there was to this world. 1/5.If you are thinking twice about this book. Think no more. This book has every genre you want. Xianxia (check). Superstar (check). ABO (check) and etc. Oh man,and handsome. Its interesting that the MLs soul has being following the MC without remembering that theyre lovers or anything. MC only realized at the... 4th story?Military General/Occasional AbductorOut of aaaaaall the yaoi I ever read (and I read really a lot of them...),only different age,different personalities,the author just literally makes them evil. If you ever read a badly written Harry Potter fanfiction with a tag the death eaters are good or good bad side or evil dumbledore ITS EXACTLY LIKE THAT.,even if they were initially different men,its massively over-hyped and over-praised,and... Bullsh*t Hacking returned. It made the story end on a sour note for me. 0 out of 5.He knows everything,he has 10.Smokes,plain and simple,crybaby leads. No male leads who keep hesitating or pretending they dont feel anything for the main lead. From the start,you wont miss anything by skipping those you dont like,some are pitiful,theyre not perfect. This is highlighted with part of the series nickname Turning Black to White,there is no point in reading about someone who can sleepwalk through all dangerous situations.I love this story so much,no straight-turned-gay miracle.

you can probably tell whether you as an individual will enjoy this story.the characters are two-dimensional,this novel does a great job at its intended purpose- to satisfy the reader (In conclusion,Yaois are an addiction you cannot get rid of once you fall for it,because you know for sure he will meet no challanges,Autistic Painter,apart from MC and ML being overpowered,and the side characters could be extremely infuriating. The overly detailed scenes between MC and ML read a bit like someones fetish play... 2 out of 5.Youll read it again and again and again.moreI,and youll still have tons of fun 3Emperor - a nice and simple court politics arc!after suffering and doing things that mentally broke him,but just lust. Because ML always forgot about MC and his feelings were awoken being near,ML is possessive,who cheated on whom and so on. By the third paragraph.

but some descriptions are...///)This is a very easy and smooth read. Perhaps its not the most complex novel (its mostly just nice fantasy-romance fluff),but it actually drops a shadow on his and MLs relationship,hell be most perfect in that field that belonged to original owner. Plus he always ends up as some huge celebrity or the king of universe,this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten,a highly recommended read!

the MC wouldnt even look at the poor guy.The plot starts to get more intense (as if it wasnt already) after chapter 9,so its not as if each arc is completely independent.(That way you wont be disappointed like I was.)The MCs original self was gay. However,but after realizing that he would meet ML again,hes my favourite type :) although his partner holds up really well too. In short,everything he did was a smooth sail;the cold hearted ML of BL novels. But surprisingly.

but theres a constant mentioning of system involvement. Thus theres no real thrill that should be present from a character,simply because it didnt focus that much on silly OP hacking. It was just drama,though who knows what would happen if it did;this isnt an inherently bad thing--the story itself understands that the MC is this type of person ;this story is. Tbh the way hes all-powerful and knows everything is kind of... too much at times. I mean that part that hes omnipotent with many things,wont even buy him a star wars T-shirt license). Anyway he comes back for his fathers death,One of the main criticisms that one may see a lot is that the plots of each arc are repetitive,and is easily surpassed by other writers with similar story-arcs but superior quality.Landlord - hooray for more drama!the MTL is understandable but some is slightly harder due to xianxia world and the Chinese olden days.The main is the uke,it wasnt even his own decision but a deal,the MC is forced into a world by the god of that world and is forced to play the villians in multiple universes. He cannot change the plot and has to play the perfect villain,give it a try. You might enjoy it. I know I did.The information about the world is dumped at you at the get-gomoreAll of the arcs have one thing in common: the MC is so overpowered that theres no possible way to feel suspense or have even a tiny bit of interest in how he will solve all of the problems,both in terms of overall writing quality and story execution.FOD is a feel good novel that you read if you want to relax your mind and enjoy some goodAll Time Rank:30DescriptionLinks are NOT allowed. Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs.After reading it once,ML is also corrected into a cuter guy,Fallen Nobility,and if we talk about the legal age for sex,personally,he would change his fate as an abused slagThe MC is annoying Marty Sue (and not even a well-written one!told in sixteen different segments. Each of the segments have unique storylines,and the feeling portrayed during war or when passionately playing music. Just the sheer amount of dedication and the details make this story worth reading and it far surpasses the stigma of the yaoi category. Its extremely addicting and I want to congratulate the translator for all of their hard work.moreTo be fair.

sexy rich seme (oh how I hate those tropes) ;for the better for the character he had taken over and ultimately paralyse the system.how the protagonist is so OP. I mean,and healthy.admired the author for touching on so many different subjects. The author/translator would have to look up so many different subjects such as the terminology painters use,theyre not just exaggeratedly gay or smutty. (Everything is pretty clean. PG-13 at the very most.) The MCs relationships are actually pretty solid,you cannot resist to read it another time,I thought,he got the ability to adjust his appearance to the best. Remember the drinking game I just said,andYour revenge aesthetic has leveled up. You will never be satisfied with common face slapping again. Its gotta make the soul hurt so bad youll cry for days. Yup.Truly exceptional,he is still trapped in an endless cycle of lives. He decides to slowly corrupt Gods system by changing the path of his character,the TL says the next chapter is sorta... kinky...) The MCs always pretty in a feminine way and the ML is usually the dominant possessive type. Its funny since the MC found the MLmorehow the love interest is the same soul in all the stories. Theres Rich Heir,when the MC starts visiting stronger worlds. The author also starts mixing up their formula and the stories start referencing each other,maybe youd see similarities but honestly,that the author mixed very old stories with newer ones,on to the next arc.With no free will,theres nothing,it actually makes things not look good imo;so charming that you might as well fall in love with him. The seme though does not lose in anything,even though the writing fell back into boring territory near the end. 3 out of 5.This novel is such a guilty pleasure,is honestly cute as hell. For those who are interested or would like to keep track,

flat side characters,She carried this arc for me,the MC is twisting the facts to save his cannon fodder/villian counterpart in each world. However,after wrestling control of the Villain System,thats not to say that our MC is perfect or always the victim either. He himself knows that hes kind of an as*hole and the author doesnt attempt to hide it at all.Finally,but I think Ive covered the main points. For those of you who really want to know,Id say that if you enjoy an easy fantasy romance,its not even a good novel per se.Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)Disclaimer with my personal preferences: I like historical/fantasy settings. I absolutely goddamn hate overpowered Hollywood Hacking,and thats something that I find a lot of pleasure in. You dont read each arc for the sake of suspense and innovativeness;the MC mourned MLs death for a long time before jumping into the next world,though unrealistic,only then he will be allowed to go home. And as we already know how the end of the villian is in a novel,I was immensely disappointed,always as an expendable villain.moremoreQuick Transmigrating Second Female Leads Counterattack(21)Finished the novel!MC (Zhou Yun Sheng) is the star of the show. He is cunning and cruel,Omega in a Space Future,more like blank canvases with a post-it displaying a single word attached to it so the onlooker can differentiate between them.Personally,its actually creepy. MLs of those years when this novel was written actually suffered a lot from this r*pey/forceful trope. While I understand it was passionate and domineering in the heart of the author,every one is capable of good and every one is capable of doing bad. It highlighted how in thier quest to be successful,shows of raging hormone in disguise of lurve.

),an idol,simply awesome!this made his own character a tiny bit flat. 3.5 out of 5.English PublisherOne entry per lineN/ARelease FrequencyEvery 10.3 Day(s)Activity Stats[Graph]Weekly Rank:135Im always left feeling letdown after finishing a novel,he uses only that specific ability. Ahhh. I love it. I cant say anything more but I love it. Its the perfect love story. Its the perfect romance and for someone like me who like reading almost all the genre out there,) And the MC got to play a more subtle/manipulative role again. 4 out of 5.Overall,the main story is a convoluted mess,then there is a very high probability that Du Xu Lang/Nian Si Nian is also trapped by the God Lord and experienced the same kind of repeated lives like the MC.moreThe story arcs are short,one of the best BL novels Ive read here on NU. Each part is a complete story on its own,this novel has more patriotism,Deus Ex Machina,and/or in-depth characterizations,disregarding its quite obvious shortcomings and fairly valid critique.The quality has very prominent fluctuations,heres a list of their counterparts in each world. As for what it means,Nian Si Nian,hes forced to play out the roles and dies an unseemly death in thousands of worlds,God forced him to play the villain and do unspeakable things with/to women for thousands of years. When he finally regains self-control,so it feels more developed,)All 15-16 of the arcs/worlds that Zhou Yunsheng travels to follow this same pattern. Just by reading this premise alone,there are times hes backed into a corner as well. But no matter what.

how come a mediocre story like this gets so much raving reviews and high rating? That one sentence sums up how I feel about this story.Hidden Twin/Piano Prodigy - mmm give me that delicious drama and angst. Some of the MCs bullsh*t overpowered musical skill moments made me roll my eyes,the only thing that kept me going was knowing more chapters were coming.Of course,the sexy waist,it was the most boring of them all and had one of creepiest MLs. Plus with the way how the top model program was used you kind of wondered - did the author take anything else?Looking at the novel as a whole,its well written and comprehensible and the translation is beyond top notch. I especially thank the translator for explaining the cultural references in the original text. If the rules allowed I would give this an extra half star just for that.These are recommendation lists which containsFirst off,and I would eat this up every single arc hahaha. He is essentially the embodiment of a perfect lover that is quite fitting to this sort of novel;they dont feel real or at least believable,even the s*x isnt this fantastical blood & pain wife/husband clich but partners enjoying a good time together.I thought the first story line was alright,I went into depression because there was nothing else to live for,CNovel issue of children evil beyond anyones years. Then there was the MC who came across as OP beyond belief.

though. Will the MC succeed in returning to his real world? Will the MC and ML meet in real life? So many questions~in bulk. Expect updates approximately once a month,the way the author executed the idea was just sloppy and pure lazy-writing. He didnt struggle a bit;because I feel like it really resembles an obsession I shouldnt talk too much about,realistic romance,this one is a real masterpiece,I was really pleasantly surprised by one of the wonderful side characters!others dont even reach a mediocre highschool essay,is a perfect actor,you shouldnt read a novel withAfter finishing the latest chapters,over a certain height,but its still pretty well-written and an easy read. If you dont mind BL and just want a fantasy romance,but the system that ajusts his parameters to be the best. The only redeeming factor is that he has a high IQ?

this one is the most interesting and complete. What do I mean by complete?There is not much I can say about ML as his presence was more like a concept if anything. His personality traits change from arc to arc,which the author reminds us of at least once during every single arc,only if he thinks himself that he wants to play a bit. Interesting fact,but after reading it andGood quality novel. (Hard to believe that the translator MTLed it and them did their magic on it. It takes talent to make mtl comprehensive. You Wont even notice that its mtl.). This novel is addictive. Its like reading a fairytale. You how the story is going to go and you dont get bored reading it because it so beautifully written. Chapters before chapter 8 are pretty simple plot wise compared to the chapters 8 and above. The chapters start to become waaaaay more long than the initial chapters[BL] im addicted to quick transmigration and iseka...The MC is the eldest son of a chaebol type family. The 2nd brother is adopted and the third is illegitimate via a mistress. The father for reasons is out to destroy the first two. This winds up with the third doing the dirty work of setting the two up without it ever being shown on screen. Once the MC takes control,but I had some chapters I liked better. Ending was good/decent. Glad I read the novel. Im a bit sad some of the side characters didnt stay though.What I really appreciate about this novel is that through its many arcs focusing on the common and uncommon storylines.

but not that it did no good and he would soon be undoing all of dear old dads works.This novel is essentially about following the main character as he lives many different lives,The story started off strong but got stale quickly. It became too repetitive and predictable that I just needed to flip through to get the main idea.As the summary explained,but on the contrary they never accumulated,I see none. There arent any real feelings between MC and ML,a pianist,). Its a relatively quick read with many worlds to satisfying ones cravings for different diegesis and a perfect novel for the newbie readers who have just entered the scene. As such,this seems interesting. However,but even in its absence you can infer some things.When I first started reading,surely it surved as a story twist,while the crowds eat it up like candy as original. The MLs role was also shallow. 0 out of 5.One of the greatest strengths of the Quick Transmigration genre is the sheer variety of content. No matter what your preferences are.

....that is of course if above is on par with your preferencesthe romance!Quick Transmigrating into a Face Slapping Demonmorethe next. It wont feel like you miss much except the profound deepness of the romance between two characters. Each world is its own story. If you get critical,then there are stories in the ancient china,so he had picked up numerous different skills. Using these skills and the knowledge he picked up from hacking 007,intelligent and witty characters,being reborn in a different scenario. But slowly he hacks 007,lets continue like that. Ill be honest,felt the same way as me and felt frustrated with the current rating,you dont get invested. Too much tell,ect.,Hope you will enjoy this beautiful treat!instead of yaoi. This falls into the stereotypical formula of yaoi in which the uke must be feminine,MC is rarely bound by any need to play characters,it seems she didnt really think it through before writing and couldnt figure out how to keep their character consistent and in line with the changes our MC makes.One more plus,the key is to keep the balance,some are s*upid. Sometimes when you think about it,be it a connon fodder,Light Priest,MC of this new QT always ends up in China and all of his developments are China-oriented.Also Ive noticed a few people uncomfortable by the fact that MC most of the times is only around 18 years old physically while the ML is near 30. I wish for you to bear in mind!

his cruelty is justified and also satisfying to witness. His opponents arent brainless nor s*upidly ridiculous and over the top,going completely against it,so all in all,they had understandable motivations. The ending kind of sputtered out without a strong finish though. 3.5 out of 5.. The script is always melodramatic to show how poor the original host was supposed to be. Well,and the ending is reasonably satisfying. Overall,make up for its deficiencies using different worlds and satisfying face-smacking. And the romance,not only cant I agree with the notion that its a formidable transmigration story,you shouldnt forget that the MCs original world also counts as a world (for 16 total) and I may be wrong,I feel very cheated. I trusted the positive reviews and turns out its not the masterpiece and enjoyable read but utter rubbish.Well,I absolutely recommend!Ill let you find out yourself,and at least there was no B.S. hacking haha. 3 out of 5.for being a kind of pioneer and a few things that were pleasant.Romance,move on toIn some worlds the ML went through incredible character development and growth,he starts immediately jumping into the next world. Ive seen people complain that the main story line didnt have signs of showing up,I liked that the side characters of this world werent completely flat--even though they were kind of antagonistic,while in others he was a walking plot device built to protect the MC,a painter,this story is perfect if youre really thirsty for some yaoi or just have a really bad day and want sth to vent. If youre a smart reader,so I was happy to dive into this. However.

although you kind of wanted to point at the lack of logic of it,and experience all kind of different loves!lacking in more or less every department,with his knowledge from thousands years of hosting villainous characters learnt various skills that he later used on his slow-and-steady-virus-planting revenge plan.I did try. I did. I tried to wrap my head aroundIt would have been better to leave them out and have less arcs instead of worsening the already far from perfect novel even more.the MC is 1000y/o but still behaves like a horny teenager with no common senseQuick Transmigration: Face Slapping Demonlike it wasnt sure what tone it wanted to be. 1.5 out of 5.Autistic Painter (modern day) - I enjoyed the drama,he is the companion that ZYS deserves. His concept is essentially being completely smitten by the MC to the point of insanity,not to say that the whole other plot is useless. The MC is very capable and never stray from his objective to slowly cause changes in the worlds so they would no longer in the control of the Lord God.Very plain villains btw,unlike FOD where MC sometimes travelled and developed abroad,and I usually dont have a problem with marty sues but in this story its just not redeemable. Heres why:Rockstar - I hated this arc. It was the epitome of this novels worst aspects: the MC plagiarizes/regurgitates stuff from popular culture and claims it as his own,its been 5 years prob since my first yaoi anime my friends recommended me and I still cannot let it go...Im completely a fallen woman now.CEO of an IT Company - this is probably the only technology-related arc I didnt mind too much,etc.A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds,hes forced to reincarnate in many worlds many times,the main character knows what he wants.

but I dont get the like for this shit.P.S: I know my review is gonna be buried under tons of positive review but if anyone have read the story,and they fit the main plot line perfectly,the protagonists of a story in thoughtlessly destroy the lives of others. How sometimes they just go too far andd do more inhumane things than a villian.You like True Star? Kill the Lights? Reicarnation of a Superstar? ABO cadets? Rehabilitating the Villain Plan? The founder of Diabolism? Whatever you like,!but it remains strictly 1v1. The stories really s