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The Legendary Mechanic

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What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love?

What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched!

What will happen when our protagonists two realities coincide?

Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past lifes knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel.

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Heres the thing; no romance, whatever. No harem, whatever. But, ah, MC is always surrounded of beauties and talented beauties at that. Especially since they all do seem to like MC no matter what. Hey! But, its not harem, nor romance, you hear me?!

After a while of good introduction to MCs character and a little of world-building, the MC changes to a princess of a typical japanese work while everyone around him would be shocked, astounded, stunned and speechless as long as MC does as much as a sneeze.


a cunning, calculative and determined to get the sh*t done, to a oh no this person is more useful for me alive ret*rded out-of-nowhere twist.

One of the girls that MC saved and that is a pure angel, gets threatened to kill and then shoot to the head, only to be protected by her sister that is kinda powerful.

Then, afterwards, the pure angel is like: Oh, pffff, its fiiiiiiiiiiiine. He was just being impulsive~, also, even if he r*ped me that was aaaall fiiiiiiiiine~ jeez *insert phrase that makes no f*cking sense, isnt even well-thought but still manages to be a fatal blow to her sister*.

I dont know if its because he received ban warnings or worse, for the authors very own decision. But whatever the case, when close to the first 100 chapters, it just becomes your regular brainwashing dumbsh*t chinese novel; thats just disappointing.

A journey I would never forget. Deserve to be in hall of fame. Amazing writing, translation and definition a hell of ride. Ill miss this masterpiece, probably never would find something this good. A storyline which I fall in love with.

however I find the mentality of the MC to be weird. He is aware that he is an an MMORPG and has become an NPC, so there will be no romance because he doesnt want to be in a relationship with other NPC.

this causes him to become very selfish and often gets his friends who are NPC in trouble. Any NPC who treats him well will find themselves


in trouble because of him since he just doesnt care about them. for example, one of his teammates who helped him take orders for his crafting services ended up in deep debt due to his disappearance, while another who helped him at the very start is left wondering what happened to him, again due to his abrupt disappearance. not to mention that he later returns, but the only purpose for his return is to steal tech from her family.

his relationship with players is also weird. he uses them as a source of income and gathers a group of players who will eventually become the best. their relationship however does not become anything more besides that of a business relationship, partly due to how the players think that the MC is an NPC.

the MC also not seem to have any goals. the goal for the first 400 chapters/first arc is just to take revenge and get strong. the 2nd arc is to help his group of players take part in the world tournament and his preparations to go into space, and later the 3rd arc, is the galactic arc.

He does not seem to want to bother finding out a way to return or find out what happened to him. it seems like he is playing the game as an NPC, yet is a special existence due to how he thinks that he is a player who turned into an NPC.

most of the MC advantages come from how he is aware of which npc gives the most OP skills and he actively works to get them, or of him going to dungeons/place where the treasures are. in short, the only cheat he has is his knowledge of future events yet he progresses so much faster and gets more exp from all of the players, partly due to the one year advantage he had when the game was offline.

i would say that the start of the novel is very promising, which is why you would see all the 5 and 4 stars review. however the MCs insistence to isolate himself from all the NPC because he is human, and then isolate himself from all the players because he is an NPC makes the novel tiring to read and disappointing.

what we have here the MC running around the entire game, breaking all the plots because he knows everything about them and getting all of the OP skills yet never makes any notable relationships with anyone.

sadly, this just becomes tiring to read after the first few major arcs because you know the MC doesnt care about anything besides getting stronger and all he will probably be at the end is just a notable NPC...

As stated by the comments above, the MC basically gets handed XP from the players, and leveling up just becomes secondary now

Hes really OP, as of now I dont really see the MC fighting as if his life is on the line or anything like that, the only one he has too worry about is the A grade threats, Hes a B grade powerhouse now

The novel has infodumps occationaly, but is not overly annoying like some other novels (Im looking at you MGA or ATG)

The world building is enormous and incredibly immersive. The story takes place in a HUGE GALAXY, and building a world around so many worlds is incredibly difficult.

The plot is incredibly coherent, from the explanation of how he even got transferred over to the reason and motivations for conflicts in the universe, to his access to new places and rise to power, the author leaves very little room for plot holes.

Also a very smart MC, no moments where he mind spazzes.

No character is forgotten, often times past events are tied together or looped, and old characters still have limited relevance.

We see the main characters rise to power as a really smooth path. Most of the time, were never really worried about the MC. Near the end, hes wrapped in plot armor (idk if its really plot armor, Id just say the MC is really really OP) so tightly Im not sure he could die if he tried.

Some parts are actually pretty funny

Character development is nada. The MCs personality is calculative and tries to achieve his goals. However, while he is shameless and sometimes human, he lacks the feeling of a true character with emotions.

Zero real romantic interactions, but he DOES get with someone

MCs interaction with the world is a little strange and abstract, he acts like friends with people, but theyre not really friends in the sense that we imagine them. Over the course of his journey, hes killed innumerable people but he becomes so omnipotent, its hard for you or I to understand the position of power hes in and his thoughts.

All in all, you would pick this novel up for the plot and development. If you prefer more human struggles (ie internal conflict while going through external conflicts), this isnt for you as its nearly all external conflicts. The MC is calculating but not cold, smart and logical, and he gets what he wants. I think the world building and plot are simply top notch, probably the best Ive ever seen, and the journey the MC takes us through is incredibly vivid and memorable. Just try the first chapter or so. Youll be able to tell immediately if this is the novel for you or not.

OK so this novel is fun to read and quite fast pace which is good but starting will be hit with bunch of stats sometimes with each time main class breakthrough upgrade like every 20 level gap?The rate of release of raw is average one per day (as sometimes author sick and some emergency) But most importantly SMH the translation......

When you first read it, you will think its good and the words per chapter is short but actually NO! They cut bits here and there like each sentence few words


and I start doubting that they actually MTL first and when those incomprehensible words in MTL cant translate or make sense they just cut it off and voila edit it....

Utterly disappointed like why the PADORU you cut here and there and sometimes even the whole short paragraph.... You think what?As long no one read the raw and compare its safe? Although sometimes jokes or humour will lost in translation. Tsk tsk a great novel but shame on the translator laziness

Ah by the way anyone wanna know the short life/bio of MC before he become NPC is at beginning of chapter 2 (quite short) and MTL ver. is readable not some incomprehensible things you would see if you MTL KR novel

This novel follows the familiar protagonist with a game system and foreknowledge of future events trope. It plays out in the usual pattern of the protagonist using his foreknowledge to constantly gain new skills and equipment.

The novel takes place in an mmorpg. The protagonist is a former player that somehow entered the game world and became an NPC. This means that on top of his game system and foreknowledge, he also has the ability to give quests to players and isnt held to the same restrictions as players.


There is a decent variety of scenarios and the protagonist hops from one adventure to another at a rapid pace. There is very little downtime. None of the scenarios are new or creative but they are varied enough to keep things fun.

The plot itself is uninteresting. There is nothing intriguing about the protagonists adventures. It is pure power fantasy. The entertainment comes from watching the protagonist constantly grow more powerful and succeed at everything. The author uses clunky and obvious foreshadowing for future events that doesnt leave much for the reader to wonder about.

World building is done via info dump. Whenever the protagonist enters a new place with a background relevant to the plot or discovers some secret that is meaningless without context the author just dumps information on the reader. It makes reading feel like homework that is required to understand the story instead of entertainment. The worse part of this is that sometimes these infodumps dont actually matter. You get a bunch of information dumped on you and then it rarely if ever comes up again.

As you read about the protagonists battles, a certain question might come to your mind. The protagonist uses machines to fight. Many of these machines requires him to learn knowledge from others in order to build. So others possess the same knowledge he does. Not only that but it is explicitly said that there are more powerful mechanics than the protagonist in the galaxy. Mechanics on the level of a calamity. And mechanic fighting styles are none to the point that the styles even have names. But if that is the case, why are all of his opponents surprised by his mechanic abilities? It makes sense on his relatively underdeveloped home world but even when he enters space people are surprised that he can deploy robots or repair them using electromagnetic energy. He is the protagonist so there are many abilities he possesses to shock and amaze opponents. But it really doesnt make sense for that to apply to many of his standard mechanic abilities which the story never claims to be unique.

As is usual with protagonists with a game system, the protagonist gains a continuous stream of new skills and equipment. However, many of the skills the protagonist learns in this case are passive stat boosts. Stuff like x% damage reduction or x% weapon damage. Early in the story, the author provides damage numbers so the reader can somewhat see these skills working. But as the story progresses this becomes less frequent and so the benefit of the skills become increasingly invisible to the reader. The protagonist also suffers from the usual problem of gaining so many skills that he can do everything. He is a mechanic so you expect him to fight with machines. He does this. But sometimes he is also a sniper. Other times he is trades punches and kicks with characters specialized in melee combat. The author claims that the protagonist has weaknesses but somehow his supposed weaknesses never actually impede him much.

This novel has the usual two dimensional characters that most webnovels do. Other than some defining trope or gimmick, there is little to differentiate one characters personality from another.

The protagonist does not care about s*x or romance. This spares the reader a lot of the cringy s*x and romance scenes that you see in a lot of webnovels.

While most major female characters come to be fond of the protagonist, the author never explicitly has them fall in love with him. Some of them see him as a comrade, some as a savior, some a mentor, some as a friend but at least in the first 500 or so chapters none have fallen in love with him.

The protagonist himself doesnt have much personality and where he does it is inconsistent. Is he grim and strong willed or cavalier and playful? Depends on the chapter. Is a reasonable person who only kills when he has good reason or someone who kills whenever it would let him look cool? Depends on the chapter

It seems like less effort is put into male characters in comparison to the female ones. The author doesnt give any of his characters much attention but the male characters seem particularly neglected. They are either an enemy that underestimates the protagonist, an ally that idolizes him, or a nobody that is jealous of him. The player characters are different since they regard the protagonist as a NPC and sometimes fool around like players do in video games but they are absent from the story as much as they are present.

The author seems to be unable to describe an adult female character without using the word sexy. Occasionally when the character is mentioned again he will give the reader a friendly reminder that the character has, in fact, remained sexy since the last time they appeared. Compared to some other authors that write in this way, this author at least tries to rein it in a bit so that while it comes off as unnecessary and lazy pandering it never gets to the point where female characters just feel like s*x objects.

The translation is hosted on Qidians english website, Webnovel. Com. Webnovel only allows you to read so many chapters for free, which irritates many readers.

It seems that there is more than one translator and the translators havent agreed to use the same word translations. It would be one thing if you have say a hundred or so chapters using one translation and then another hundred or so using another. The problem is that instead of blocks like that the translators alternate with each chapter. So sometimes you have a character that appears in a series of chapters with his name alternating from one translation to the the other each chapter. If the reader doesnt pay close attention they might not even realize it is the same character being talked about until it is made obvious by context. This is annoying and it stands out.

Most of the time, translators notes are presented as footnotes. But, perhaps becomes of the multiple translators I mentioned above, sometimes they will be stuck right in the middle of a paragraph. This can be aggravating for people who like to be immersed in what they are reading.

The Legendary Mechanic is an entertaining story. It doesnt have any literary merit and it wont move your heart. There are no interesting plot elements or memorable characters. But the author only makes flimsy attempts at those things. What he focuses on is writing a fun power fantasy about a man making machines in a scifi setting. And I think he succeeds at that.

Personally, I feel this novel is extremely good, and has a logical series of events and you get to know the ins and outs, key characters and cause and effects of each events while going through the story, and the humor included randomly in the chapters is quite refreshing (at least good enough to make me chuckle) .

A story about a man who takes over the body of a dead man in a game world, in the past life he was a professional power leveller, in this life he is


an NPC Mechanic. Long-time readers will agree that the MC has no explicit goal but he does have short-term goals, like while the story was running in his own planet his goal was to get stronger and fly off the planet into the stars because he knows that there will be a planet wide catastrophe coming, when he makes an intergalactic mercenary group his goal was to gain as much EXP as possible before the players disappear from the game world during an edition update so that he can save the EXP to use in case of emergencies during that time till the players come back, etc. (Edit: the MC does have a long-term goal, not mentioning cause its a spoiler)

Personality wise the MC is calculating, humorous, shameless, and does not have a sense of justice like most heroes, and is not at all interested in romantic relationships, the only woman who has actually been confirmed to have a romantic interest in him is Super A grade ability user, (long legs) Emersy. There is no romance even between the side characters. The personalities of the side characters are well defined and each have their own stories and their own lives and reading the novel youll feel that the author wrote it in a way that youll feel that the MC becomes only a chapter in the side characters lives rather than feeling that the side characters exist only to be a chapter in MCs story.

The world is a world consisting of all types of systems of powers with their own advantages and disadvantages, but of course the MC is able to make up all the shortcomings of his profession while boosting the advantages (a very common joke youll come across is a reference to how the MC as a Mechanic is more damage resistant than a Martial Artist of the same level, even though a Mechanic is supposed to be similar to a Magic Summoner in terms of damage resistance), the systems mentioned are Martial Dao, Magic, Mechanic, Psychic and Abilities system, they are largely self-explanatory. The world (universe) consists of civilizations where all types of superpowers exist and not even the players ability to resurrect after death is considered unique. It is mostly sci-fi type of world with spaceships and mechanical fortresses the size of planets and stars. The world-building is very detailed and have no major gaps where you feel inconsistency or you feel that there are there are a lot of unresolved questions on how the game world works.

The story develops from one arc to another and yes many characters in MCs life become irrelevant after each arc and some continue to be relevant in the successive arcs however for those characters that become irrelevant the author gives a proper closure to them or in case they might have an appearance in the future the author gives a foreshadowing. The story is written well and is not like some novels where you have to read twice to comprehend what the actual meaning of the words put together in a paragraph is.

Overall the story grabs your attention every new chapters and keeps your expectations up so that you pick up the new chapter, and the humor randomly included in chapters serves to make you chuckle while reading the already enjoyable story, there are not too much fillers and youll feel that the story naturally flows from one chapter to another without any abrupt change in it.

A fun easy read for those who enjoy RPG-type novels with a healthy dose of comedic meta-references on the transmigration and VRMMORPG genres. Rather than the usual fantasy-only theme, its thankfully partially sci-fi based, so think more

Down-graded rating to 4 stars, the story structure becomes rather bad after chapter 200+, author tries to start too many parallel plots that dont work and ends them very lamely. Translation quality is only going downhill, and since NU is a translation site, I weigh more on the English version. The jokes just arent enough to sustain poor planning (just like Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor). MC gets excessively OP.

The novel (and MC Han Xiao) doesnt hesitate to lampoon his own genre, especially since hes


a veteran nerd/weeb. Han Xiao is a self-serving

but steps up when he has to, kinda like

while occasionally breaking the 4th wall. You can really see the authors nerdy trivia knowledge of sci-fi/gaming come alive in the novel (think

). Its refreshing to see an MC that embraces his inner nerd, much like the j-novel To Be a Power in the Shadows.

Descriptions and translations are hilarious, you can sense they definitely had fun with it. I read both the Chinese Raws and the English translations.

The translators summarized quite a bit of content which causes chapters to be unusually short, maybe out of laziness

, but they got the gist of it and are grammatically accurate at least.

What the hell, why am I the only one SAO-ed?

Han Xiao did not have anything in particular against any group of people. He respected peoples hobbies and interests. These two men before him were simply two lonely hearts who had no way of releasing their pent-up frustrations. Over time, their common bond developed into something special...

Division 13 may have been powerful and mighty, but one could never have enough new weapons.

The research department is always allocated with the largest cut of the budget, yet those useless fools only know how to create useless crap like double-sided sticky bombs, curved guns that dont work at all, and fake nipples to hide poison needles! They even have male and female versions!

The covert ops department had borne a grudge against the research team ever since two of their agents were self-poisoned due to a wardrobe malfunction.

Some are my own translations, you can see the similarities to LMS:

Ive been randomly transformed into a tentacle monster, requesting help on changing my race, urgently waiting online!

WTF, I wanna be a tentacle monster too, lets trade places!

Art is an explosion! - Guess that reference. Also used in Forty Millenniums of Cultivation.

Side characters are varied, funny and interesting, though they tend to appear briefly, similar to LMS. Which is in-line with the feeling of a massive universe and trillions of people.

A tsundere old man NPC who happens to be a key character, a greedy girl-next-door workshop mechanic, players who are game-immersion fanatics, an absurd amount of people who mistakenly assume MC is gay/beastie/necro/etc... the riotous cast goes on.

Several female side characters express an interest in the MC but he disregards them in pursuit of powering up. Even MORE female side characters treat the MC with disgust/disdain and are only respectful of his abilities/reputation and nothing else, which is how it should be!

It allows the focus to be on the plot development. A good example of a similar novel where things went wrong with a female distraction was Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. I daresay that the awkward female lead kinda ruined the story.

Han Xiaos background was always a power-leveling nerd and he enjoyed it, nothing wrong with repeating that here.

(1) Heavy technical info dump and somewhat broken leveling system

In later chapters, this becomes more and more unbearable as author tries to extend word count. 3 or more paragraphs can be used to explain a very simple idea (e.g. why players might enjoy a certain activity sponsored by MC). Author relies on excessive use of Chinese idioms... for multiple paragraphs.

MC becomes unreasonably OP from harvesting of XP, until it becomes just a pointless number. Multiple chapters devoted to re-re-re-emphasizing how much XP MC gained.

Trying to survive while power-leveling WAS THE ORIGINAL GOAL.He transmigrated and was put into life-and-death situations from the get-go, and theres always a threat of being assassinated hanging over his head.

But its pretty obvious MC overcame that past Chapter 200 and nothing could threaten him. Its been 100 chapters and I dont know what his new goal is, apparently just to become more OP which is NOT a goal.

Because he ONLY HAS ONE LIFE!Its literally written in the 1st chapter. Hes not sure if hes a player, because he has both NPC characteristics while having some semblance of a player interface. He cant take the chance that hell be revived if he dies. Would you?Spoiler

More importantly, the world hes inISNT DATAlike SAO. Its hinted that this was a highly advanced game operated by a whole series of quantum-mechanical systems. The game appears to have melded different dimensions, blending players with a real alternate universe. Both sides appear to retain their properties, players see it as a game, NPCs see it as their reality. The NPCs themselves are amazed that Players appear to come back alive (respawn). This was briefly explored in another novel,Reincarnator.

After coming into contact with other players, he confirms that hes an NPC that just happens to have a partial player interface. i.e. MC is uniquely straddling both worlds.

Hes able to award missions like NPCs, and players cant recognize him as a player.

The different political factions and long term missions that the MC signs up with becomes unnecessarily complicated and conflicting. When things come to a head, it doesnt always make sense.

MCs battlesuit/style is very unique. Despite the ability to change his facial features with the help of a mask, its obvious to everyone who he really is, so it doesnt make sense when MC pretends to be someone else. MC also decides to work for a variety of organizations (main neutral faction, minor warlords, etc), but adopts behavior that are contradictory to almost all of these organizations.

Same thing with a long term Hidden story line mission, which was an alternative to the 2 Main story lines on his starting planet. It was supposed to be a major deviation running concurrently with the Main story lines, but became completely pointless when author realized he couldnt link the different plot lines together.

Author realizes it was a conundrum, then lamely decided to just conclude the first 2 Main story lines, then pick up the Hidden line afterwards and gloss over it. POOR STORY STRUCTURE.

Usually, I prefer long novels, just so I always have something good left in the future. It brings a sense of security of sorts when something you grow to like isnt going to end anytime soon. I also tend to read hundreds of chapters in one go. If the book is good enough, that is.


novel. Its a rare one that is well written throughout every part of it. Its a masterpiece in a way you cant see from a single glance.

I dont have anything to say about this novels setting. Well, other than one-liners like unique, amazing, and some such. It has a steady pace. Not too slow, not too short. The consistency of the information is good. I didnt notice any obvious flaws. The world changes as you read, making it feel alive. Hell, making you feel alive. It builds up the illusion of a bigger world behind the narrative, just outside your view. The unknown future adds to it very well; the feeling of something new and exciting happening wont go away.

It was just 1388 chapters Ive read to this moment, but it feels like a lifetime. Many other books Ive read hundreds of chapters of, even the more recent ones - they all blur into nondescript chunks of vague memories, like a grey sludge of events fuzed together, indistinguishable, unrecognizable. However, though faint, memories of this novel, like my own life memories, feel real. Its like they are part of me as though I was there to witness it. Its a beautiful feeling.

The story has recurring bits of h*mophobia and misogyny that arent really funny. Calling women over 50 potatoes comes, and the drastic reactions to anything potentially gay dampen my enjoyment.

MC flees to a band of gypsies and had 2 of his guns stolen by a greedy teenager. Notices some are missing, gets them back, but then decides not to count them until after he spent 3 hours travelings. Entire carivan dies just so the MC/readers can get some revenge p*rn. He kills his rival but then gets resurrected over some BS reasoning.

~4 chapters where the majority of it is just reciting his inventory, weapons are overly/unnecessary detailed as well. Obviously just there to pad the word count.

Theres a fea