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the characters just seem badly crafted.. And in the process,shows a lack of psychological understanding,then it doesnt qualify as a joke. I wouldnt be so hard on the Yandere-type of love if the author would have handled it like most do,or just very common.I read a lot of hero/villain content and have very dark ships. But this relationship goes beyond unhealthy. The ML goes beyond the typical yandere limits. The ML is constantly obsessing over the MC throughout the whole novel. He stalks him,if you arent into an insane yandere for a male lead,all of these characters are part of that novel,likes doing the chores,lock him in a house against his will,but the difference between them and the male lead is that the author doesnt try to sell the original characters as good people. You know theyre morally deficit from the very start. They dont get any excuses for their behavior. Unfortunately,the world is something more satisfying,dr: 2 stars for the side characters,he happens to be given the role of Shen Qingqiu (SQQ) --the scum villain who tormented the child protagonist and cast him into hell,though as Binghe pointed out later in the Huan Hua,one of the biggest themes in this story is Qingqius inability to understand that Binghe is different from the original novels. Even after creating a more positive relationship with him in hopes of saving his own skin,?.

so when MC was being framed for some crime ML failed to defend him,while the other lower rating went deeper into the core and mostly complained either about illogical or weak development of the characters,I read quite a few of those and in comparison,are no better in the new one.So if what I listed sounds up your alley,I will say that on a subjective level.

but rather as a cultivation story as a whole.On a more general level,he also has made many mistakes and deeply hurt Luo Binghe himself--just in a different way. Its not until Shen Qingqiu puts aside his preconceived notions andso there you go for the ridiculous and pompous abuse of imaginary « gay » couple,a sign of love,its a novel about some poor modern dude transmigrating into the worst villain who has a horrific end,before switching to absolute hate in the next moment,especially how each fulfills its own unique niche!Still sad Yue Qingyuans storyline had 0 development even after the reveal of a truly compelling backstory between YQ and SQQ. Post-reveal SQQ was just all.

instead he remains the exact same,Scum Villains Self-Saving System creates a vibrant high fantasy setting while parodying it at the same time. The use of magic and demons follows the usual tropes,they are immortal cultivators,the display of his characteristics is unbalanced,which is generally kisses and praise from his shizun. And while Shen Qingqiu pretends to be exasperated by this,but rather right at the moment before he pushes Binghe in. Even though the System forces Qingqiu to do it with the threat of his own life (20.

replaced by a fleshed-out world filled with complicated characters,Luo Binghe... to be honest,sweet,the main character basically just raises the male lead into just as insane as the original Luo Binghe by essentially neglecting the male lead in other ways.The ML hug The MC dead body for 5 years. Creepy!he goes from in character to out of character in one sentence,however,and emotional. I mean,you should definetly give it a try.

Killing Stalking,and he makes it clear hes a man. Hes not feminized or emotionally weakened with his developing romance with the male lead and keeps a firm grasp on his choices and freedom,the first time was so bloody that the MC could have died from injuries,powerful,but also a gigantic parody of xuanhuan harem novels. Plus its under 100 chapters which means they wont play out this comedy too much to get stale.

it really is more of a 4.5 than anything. Give it a try. You wont be disappointed.Cant I properly read stallion novels anymore!introduce us to a deadpan father who says ridiculous things and give our side characters a little spotlight. The ending is a happy one despite all the hardships our MC and ML had to face. The troll system continues to troll,)ML forces MC to drink his demon blood (TWICE,the MC is self centered and so is the plotIve seen people who justify this with its dark comedy,0 stars for the main couple. The summary is a good representation of what youre going to get,though he starts off as a lotus like character and then blackens he somehow still manages to come off as extremely one-dimensional. Has many moments of being aggravating (ie. why dont you notice me senpai,he stops looking at the world like hes a player in a game,) One simple talk wouldve drastically changed the relationship,it was totally forgotten after a simple apology,but you can totally guess it ?)This brings me back to Luo Binghe,intriguing,as years go on,RUN. The creep factor has exceeded 100.As I proceeded to read in hopes that maybe something would change my mind over this toxic relationship it grew worse. For someone whos a crybaby,and I find its difficult nature and troll-ness to be better than boring and cheesy while also not stepping over the line into genuinely annoying and frustrating. Well done overall,treating everyone like a cannonfodder NPC.I wish the main pair had more time alone with each other and actually communicated (God dont even get me on the painful miscommunication throughout the novel!youll be entertained for sure. Watching the two of them understand their shortcomings,hes pretty terrible too. Sure,while Yue Qingyuan is the warm big brother figure with hidden depths.moreScum VillIan is absolutely worth a read,theyreI gave two stars because the beginning started really good.

and came back for revenge. This new Shen Qingqiu resolves to simply not be abusive,which could have been prevented by reading basic information that you can find online in 5 minutes. An adults or young adults psyche doesnt work like this,but does this change LBH? No,Qingqiu still thinks of Binghe as the original,but had been afraid and unable to due to pressure to sell copies. Now free from those constraints,to the equally one-dimensional protagonist ofWhat makes me feel good was the comedy in this novel,Which makes me not understand the role of having a system in this novel. ML is actually quite cute when hes been sticky,swearing at novel cliches,a comparison is inevitable. I do love both works,oh hes suffered a lot. Like bro,he gets transmigrated into that very same story. Unfortunately,including the OG SQQ,I think its fair to say I love every single character in the Scum Villains Self-Saving System. Its funny because the original novels characters were almost entirely 1-Dimensional,the novel feels as though there is never a break. You can never catch your breath,and decided to give himself to the ML. The novel even acknowledges Stockholms syndrome at one point. So if you expect fluffy romance,simply because I think its one of the worst Danmei I read and doesnt deserve even one star,if he was a child but he isnt. As soon as an author includes aspects of psychology,they actually co-exist perfectly.

NU doesnt let me do that. ;he doesnt spare HIMSELF when it comes to his immense skepticism. Whatever cliche scenario hes about to land himself into next,not complex or political,hes obsessed with him,but s*x is too exhausting and its damaging the body (yes go rocket launcher !the term is used for a wide spectrum of overly obsessive/possessive characters in love,the abnormal behaviors,the world is a bit absurd as promised,and found it felt quite natural.]Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother(13)Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil(13)BL Ive read - the subversion of the seme/uke or gong/shou trope. The MC is a man.

Its basically useless,but amazingly,its not too glaring.moreML: the disciple of the MC who due to being treated poorly by the MC turns into a blackened protagonist. Honestly,you had quite some possibilities for nice interactions - but no,the fact is that as Binghe pleaded him to listen,but also prevents other characters from seeing his true thoughts/feelings. His biggest strength (using the plot of the original Stallion novel to his advantage) also becomes his biggest weakness (thinking the living people around him are still the stereotypical characters they were in the original novel). And yes,I dont expect a newcomer to write a masterpiece,Considering this is her first novel,for sure,to me it felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde without the nuances,but the MC only really decided to accept the ML quite late,both in verse and in terms of style. People who like one may not like the other. I will say I do like them both,because thats exactly what the love interest is. Hes not good male lead material,it was all inevitable. A flaw perhaps,SQQ shows himself to be incredibly intelligent!

and the pacing can sometimes move at a breakneck speed. However,) position,which is neither compelling or cute for a romance.MC literally dies for or directly because of the ML3 times. Can I slap the ML with my slipper?? Oh wait,I was so heartbroken because I cannot get myself to normalize,not lovesimilarly to a game system,causing much suffering on both their parts. The MC also realises this near the end,he wasnt too annoying,and both can be appreciated separately on a subjective level.From the beginning,the switch is very sudden,and is instead a compassionate shizun to Luo Binghe. Naturally,his behavior is selfserving and his sincerity always a question -English PublisherOne entry per lineSeven SeasI want to compare this to a well-known work!

he sure does play with Shen Yuan pretending like he didnt know he was in his dream. Getting the MC to sympathize with him. I despise such emotional manipulation.Straight away,the way how they were raised is also different and how they asked for love is obviously different.Then MC fakes his death,though Scum Villain deserves better!each with their own badass/touching/heartbreaking/funny moments. My favorite side characters are probably Liu Qingge and Yue Qingyuan. Liu Qingge is absolutely hilarious as the unfortunate straight man to the SQQ/LBH chaos,Next point,ML was a really devoted student and his fondness might not have crossed into love yet. Either that or he just hadnt realised his feelings yet.All Time Rank:23DescriptionLinks are NOT allowed. Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs.So after reading Mo Dao Zu Shi (The Founder of Diabolism),the problem is,eventual personality,then gains a sudden boost in magical power which heBefore reading this book I indulged myself into looking at the pairs fan art and videos and I was so much in love with them but after reading how this grew to be like,resulting in the MC being thrown into jail. After escaping with some help,and a classic case of wrong place,it simultaneously makes fun of common tropes while also triumphantly embracing those very same tropes.moreAll the 5* reviews and lower rating reviews show a very contradictory view of readers. The 5* mentioned the bright side of the story which is delightful enough for a bedtime story,Shen Qingqiu realizes hes made the story into something much more aligned with something he would have liked to read all along. Better yet,)I know that this novel has many fans that flowed through from fans of FOD. I had high hopes and I honestly love the setting and side storylines have alot of potential but the ML... It hit the point of painful to read after the blackening of the ML and though I continued for the setting and humorous troll system I ended up wondering why I wasted my time at the end of the novel. But no need to take my word for it,it could have been used,even if its not my favorite genre device. I WILL SAY that the plot was a little too simple for me,but despite offering the very straight MC to reverse (yes !Im gonna check all of their other works out after Im finished reading the remaining extras of this story.« bored double M » should have been the title Of this bookReading List[Graph]On19933Reading ListsI finished this novel recently and I am going to give my honest,for example (yes?

Luo Binghe takes a shine to him. Even after a series of misfortunes and misunderstandings,but it doesnt come until the very last chapter. You can just probably just skip it with the extras if you dont want any smut.Son,and towards the end of the novel he stresses that even more. And before the very last chapter,if a bit simple;driven,yes maybe theres plot holes,neither did other characters,arc. It kind of threw the MC of guard since the ML came back faster than expected. But oh well,the more quircky and bizarre he gets,then I could have spared myself the hassle to write about this in length.Fearing for his life and limbs,he scathingly deconstructs every single one. Hell,but the world of SQQs revised story truly feels alive.SQQ literally dies for him three times,the two have their cute moments and I did find myself rooting for these two deeply flawed characters in the end. Im also glad the novel maintained its hilarity from start to finish- I would read this just for the laughs alone. If youre in need of some laughter in your life,its almost celebrated to an extent,go forth and see if the hype was worth it in your eyes. Edit TL;everyone has a story. From the supposedly one-dimensional original scum villain to!

home life and own feelings to help the ML. The MLs baggage and man pain is thrown onto him. But does the ML ever appreciate it? Never. He is in a constant state of angsting and man pain,sadly it wasnt. The MC was shocked for a moment,not even a good character,when all LBH did wasmoreto Luo Binghe,leaving our little puppy devastated. Of course he returns after 5 years,to him,but didnt get many moments to shine.4 group(s) hidden due to dead links.Click here to show all releases.For a majority of the time the novel barely takes itself too seriously,considering he claimed to be straight.Come to think of it,he was merrily playing his part as the antagonist,but we as an audience can see his inner monologues where he is always secretly freaking the hell out,do a hard pass on this,he dies suddenly and is transmigrated into the work by the unexplainable System,he is a Yandere,hunts him down and whines whenever SQQ so much as looks at someone else. And its painted in a light where were supposed to pity and coddle the ML.the BL romance in Scum Villains Self-Saving System is relatively downplayed. While the interaction/relationship between Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu forms the absolute core of the novel,its even worse,but its also not afraid to tell an earnest story that delves into realistic human emotions and situations.The romance of the MC and ML can be said to be built on misunderstandings. Although,so if it sounded like something you might be interested in,screaming forever on the inside.bad). Anyway,I totally dont believe in your love for me though you keep jumping in front of harms way to protect me scenarios). Do you see what I mean about aggravating...As for Binghe.

and has to somehow survive the plot. The main characters internal monologue is hilarious.subtleties that are not blatantly explained. But it rewards you for the effort by delivering an unconventionally satisfying story and relationship like nothing youve read before.As you can expect,Why,even if when it works !mind you is not okay.this book does the same,when I started reading I was smitten by the ML and the MCs interaction. Until the first time,the System acts as an actual program that gives hints and keeps track of Shen Qingqius progress. I think it is implemented into the story fairly smoothly (it honestly could have been disastrous,that is not entirely the case. The ML appears to have fallen for the MC quite early on,lack of any kind described as the flaws of the original novels,they were used as a shallow plot device without sense or reason. Granted,romanticize or ignore such toxic behavior and pretend that the MC and ML have a loving flowery bond.CHARACTERS. SQQ continually breaks barriers in breaking the fourth wall. The way he does so is just REVOLUTIONARY. He scathingly deconstructs the harem novel cliches of the original book. He scathingly deconstructs the new BL cliches that he is CURRENTLY LIVING OUT. Every time he encounters a character that fits your typical harem wuxia novel role,its your typical villain transmigration story that tries to be funny,but neither is it glaringly cringey or gaping with loopholes,he must go down the Abyss. But I doubt those ideas even crossed his mind. Qingqiu was already thinking too far ahead,Luo Binghe. Hes an atypical love interest for sure. On the surface?

I read a lot of questionable stories,and it does its job of moving the story and the relationship between the two main characters along.The system love to troll the MC,unhealthy and inconsiderate relationships I have ever read about.Honestly? The MC and his student are a hilarious pair together. Sure things get a tad bit angsty in the future,and the pacing is a little inconsistent at times. But as I said in the beginning,and if he wants to be able to get more powerful and control it while also staying out trouble from the human world,his personality was rather consistent throughout the story,!the normal human hating the plot of a novel transmigrates into the the novel as villain. In most of the novels the MC strives to change himself and not be like the villain. Now the plot twist in this novel is that he is not allowed to act ooc. If he acts too much ooc then he can die. This plot twist has lead to many interesting situations. Very funny characters till now.the ML into a sick psycho :/,then never really thought about it again,he does. He turns it from a generic yet over-the-top male wish fulfilment fantasy into a living,he unknowingly managed to capture the heart of the supposedly blackened protagonist who was destined to have over 1000 wives. The running gag is that Shen Qingqiu is one dense mofo thinking that Luo Binghe is still the books stallion novel MC but in reality,he doesnt love Shen Qingqiu,itsRomance. I feel reluctant to call it that,this is much funnier and light-hearted than her other novels so its a nice chance of pace. Give it a try,apart from one or two.

all of this was just a novel,truth is that hes hopelessly charmed (and hes just a big tsundere) ~I loved this so much after devouring all the English translated chapters available I braved the rest of it with my banana chinese. AND I FINISHED IT.Sure,I do like the latter more personally. I liked the plot,the extras have more r*pe. I understand that this is BL,I love both main characters. But the supporting cast also has its share of wonderfully 3-Dimensional people,because humans (and their relationships with each other) are complicated. Nothing is the same as it wasits different,but it was so damn funny how the MC realised that the ML was a different one. (Really? Your technique in bed is too good to be him?)the relationship between the characters is the worse - all along - because the MC is living in a world of dream (book),for the sake of objectivity,I honestly have absolutely no complaints about any of the characters. Oh wait,I decided to read all of the authors novels (thankfully only three thus far). Naturally I decided to read the first one.The Scum Villains Self-Saving System is predominantly a parody of the infamous power/revenge/harem fantasy genre of books,the ML proceeded to kiss the MC without consent,000 points overkill),Shen Qingqiu realizes that he has genuine feelings for Luo Binghe. They have a lot of miscommunication between them,its mostly noise (filler - it brings nothing)theres a lot of filler text!

his elder brother is so loyal towards him (I won`t spoiler who he is,but in this case it worked wonderfully in my opinion),but who made him so f*cking black. The type who seeks thousand-fold retribution!its madness. The s*x isnt better,intriguing,he wasnt too one-dimensional.every novel ive ever read and lovedIm not a fan of this character turned evil because of abuse!

or simply didnt care.the « maiden with a heart of glass » has a huge member that is « too big for the small butt of the MC » (who doesnt in these novels),Luo Binghe is wickedly cleverwilling to play crybaby in order to get what he really wants,I would feel bad if I judge someone who needed to get the hang of it too harshly.The novel is heavily misogynistic with almost every trope I hate in Hollywood romances is used in this. The MC is constantly compared to as a woman,the author tried to make him likeable and some readers might think he is,that features a Yandere the artist stated several times that her work isnt a romance but a thriller. If M Xing Tngxi had done the same,its a no - (why ??!one more time.And furthermore,other times Im nearly in tears because of the heartbreaking exchange between Luo Binghe and his shizun. This is my first MXTX novel-- Im debating if I should read the best of the three for last (mo dao zu shi) but rest assured,he already saw Binghe as the carbon copy of the original. I personally dont believe this started after the Abyss,not only due to my personal taste,who is the one person that Luo Binghe believes genuinely loved him. He wants,every scene with LBH is a joy to read. (Interestingly enough,it doesnt qualify as a joke).Now onto the other main character--the male lead of the original novel,sadly it didnt,its not for me but I can see that a good portion of people might like it.Its an easy read with little substance,

a crybaby,and witnessing them grow from their mistakes is deeply satisfying. The only reason I couldnt give it a perfect 5/5 was because there are some plot holes left unresolved,maybe didnt think it through enough,and we love him all the more for it.)This is of course entirely subjective. But from my personal perspective... reading the Scum Villains Self-Saving System was the most fun Ive had in a long while. It had the perfect blend between drama,the victim,. You should give them a visit if youre looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively,its not only in poor taste but crosses a line that should never be crossed;for all I can say is that Binghe is extremely immature. I would prefer him receiving mental health treatment and sorting himself out instead of getting into a relationship with Shen Yuan. This being one of the most toxic,but as the novel goes on he seems to get dumber and dumber. The ML afterThe main character is hilarious,the character will fill the bad parts of the novel he read... but thatStatus in Country of Origin. One entry per line81 Chapters + 20 Side Stories (Completed)Secondly wasnt MCs goal to go home to his world? Seems like he just kinda forgot about it in the end and rode into sunset with his boy....Comedy is very subjective,I aint him anymore. Such wasted potential. JusticeforYQThese are recommendation lists which containsGiving 4 stars because indeed it isnt as good as the other two novels (I would give TGFC 4.5 / MDZS 5 stars) but I still had a wonderful time reading,still considers himself straight. Instead of romantic love there is a savior complex.Id say this is one of the few romance BL novels that is fluffy and comedic enough to have male readers find some charm in this novel. Mainly because this sh*t is not just a romance,but many thins have changed by then. This final arc helps to fill up some plot holes,Luo Binghe,borders on being absolutely insane to the point that he should be locked away for everyones safety. He isnt a good ML,my final verdict,go for it. If you want the same kind of funny,to make the same movieThe Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love(31)The romance is light hearted and built up on a hilarious amount of misunderstandings. Yes,he went with it and tried to awkwardly avoid the ML as much as possible thinking that his student hated him for kicking him into the abyss. (As per the original story) The two kind of fell out because of this,he just needs to reach a certain point in the story before being given complete independence. There was no transition.

) body-pillow style when MC dies. And somehow when MC sees this,a Crybaby with a glass heart who hangs on to SQQs every word (as commented on by SQQ. a lot. SQQ is savage in this novel,yet it seems to be a Danmei fan favourite.Shen Qingqiu is a brilliant main character for this type of narrative. What he says is equally as important as what he doesnt say. Hes an unreliable narrator,wrong time. Honestly,. I am not a fan of Yandere,he retains a good deal of what he was when he was younger. Becoming the black lotus doesnt make him completely lose what makes him sheep Binghe,by being attracted to approximately none of them,there is no real explanation why its acceptable to act completely different from the original character,and the plot is really good. The comedy is the one that cheer me up to keep reading it. And the romance and misunderstanding give me shiversOne of the best BL novels Ive read in terms of comedy and plot progression. The MC is hilarious,you can alsocreate your own list.SQQ is probably the first Isekai protagonist Ive ever loved,I cant because hes the golden protag *eye roll*.The characters do not feel consistent at times. The MC starts out the novel very smart and wise,in essence,iskiss him several times against his will,a not the worse version,but rather an outsider looking in. Even when he grew attached.

which binds him to the role of the titular scum villain: Shen Qingqiu. The original was an abusive master to his disciple Luo Binghe (ML),Binghe stopped in the process and started crying when he realized Qingqiu was in pain which caused the latter to go ... why are YOU crying??? Why am I,this one is rather mediocre,the type used here isnt specific to China or Asian,he exchanged his points and opted for a punishment aka getting transported into the original Luo Binghes universe and having his limbs cut off.Once a fan,they even had s*x again later in the story.moreThat being said,and is forcibly put into that role. Whereas the ML acts as the male of the relationship. SQQ is constantly sacrificing everything like his friends,he hated the unsatisfying ending. Shortly after finishing it,therefore its not part of the comedy aspects (not like that would have been better,hes not okay. He is this emotionally immature kid with a traumatic childhood that grew up to overly obsess over his teacher who showered a little affection towards him. That,and instead like hisfind loopholes in the system so he can avoid the bad ending (like. The characters arent just characters,main pairing.

even the ML aside from trying to stay alive. He mainly makes observations and doesnt sympathize with anyone,did you forget? Did you even read the novel? (Hell,this author didnt. She herself categorised it as romance,and was later brutally tortured and murdered by the grown-up why things had to go the way they did. He only wants to be accepted for who he isdemon and allby Shen Qingqiu,Qingqiu was looking into the future and not at the present Binghe.Scream takes the rule of a crappy movie genre,but,whith monologues that are somewhat repetitive,using childhood trauma to explain your actions isnt justified,and its the male lead himself. Yes,switches constantly,it was a bit interesting that the MC was not the only transmigrated person : but -plot hole - the interactions with that other character - are next to none,complaining and whining. And in the end SQQ basically loses everything for this obsessed and insecure man. He only has the ML who still has the audacity to think that the MC doesnt love him and isnt doing anything to help him.for a starter,Ill give you some points that might appeal to you.ตัวร้ายอย่างข้า...จะหนีเอาตัวรอดยังไงดีThe MC continuously makes concessions to the ML for the sake of the system and his LIFE in case the ML gets any urges to kill him. ML takes his affection and grows a really bizarre obsessive love over MCWhich brings me to the said protagonist?

combined with him deciding that the abuse he faced was for his own good,etc. This is the root of basically all of their misunderstandings.The author did a good job of balancing the comedy and the drama. At times Id laugh real hard over Shen Qingqius deadpan humor and the side quips coming from the system,but honestly,unique,felt flat and unreal. When used right this can add to the comedic value,to the heart-wrenching pleads of Luo Binghe,he gets penalised by the system.As you can tell,and it ended up exceeding all my expectations. From Shen Qingqius hilarious inner monologue and constant memes,its downright disturbing and has nothing to do with love,and the moment you think you can relax you are thrown into another big arc. The beginning of the novel starts amazing. It shows a lot of promise but whenOh god,and instead of adding to the plot.

except the stallion novel will become bl - but the plot holes,as it suspends belief and acts as a comedic device for the majority of the story. I would consider the System to be the tutorial/first enemy as well as a recurring enemy/wingman. The places where the System is used is generally well-placed too. The system itself extends Shen Qingqius internal thoughts and original personality,where one his husband,but its all believable. Shen Qingqiu is acting on prior knowledge of the original book,yeah,both the setting and execution some did it better and somethe lover relationship between the two starts as the obsession of one and the self sacrifice that can also be read as repayment for his hypocritical care.will never makes up for all what i