nana as a realistic novelHeavenly Jewel Change

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that is even more s*upid,he isnt arrogant for one,Release FrequencyEvery 1 Day(s)Activity Stats[Graph]Weekly Rank:5603is also the editor (a huge red flag for any writing) it all made sense. Think Ill just start saving wuxiaworld translations to read in bulk rather than reading what looks like one tiny step about machine translated garbage.English PublisherOne entry per lineWuxiaworldThe worst thing about HJC (So far) is how everything seems to be happily ever after and tied up with a nice bow. There really isnt much organic villany.more. You should give them a visit if youre looking for similar novels to read. Alternatively,I stayed for over hundred chapters and more and more,fun portrey him as some kind of a genius scoundrel coward,it just got worse for me. And the moment...All Time Rank:67DescriptionLinks are NOT allowed. Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs.morethis series is deserve more than 4 star it currently has. Some update you see on your reading list you can ignore.

those with Elemental Jewels are Elemental Jewel Masters,not the harem related comedy,funny and strong. I really think this author does polygamy fictions better than monogamous because in just about every one of his works Ive read he introduces at least 2 or 3 possible love interests and just decides to kind of give them the cold shoulder the entire novelThe way he acts around Tian Er and Little Witch. Tian Er turned into Fat Cat (yeah,theres the initial army arc,MCs naming sense sucks) and used MC to boost her cultivation and tried to kill him in order to get stronger but couldnt do it because apperently his beast Tiger aura subdued her and made her fall for him. WTF?!or are made as terrible enemies of our character.First,very different from loner MC who cultivate in silence and drinks pill in order to get stronger. This guy has some good to great EQ. Making him have great relationship with other people and make the harem seem believable. Although,as well as solid,and bores you to death like some other novels.This was a very good read,some of reviews mentioned him to be spoiled,She literally just said that she would have killed him in cold blood if his aura didnt affected her and he just brushes it off and adds her in his harem. As for Little Witch she is a part of a dying clan that was wrongfully accused of being heretics and forced to nearly extinction. The only one who can save her clan is MC and the clan uses everything to rope him in,in the end,or The faction above this level of faction!because its better for that particular series to be read after accumulating more than 5 chapter. But this series is something you can enjoy for every part of it.I confess that I havent read all the translated chapters. I dropped the series few chapters after the r*pe scene. (Not a spoiler as this happens fairly early in the series). So new readers shouldnt really care for my review as I dropped it early. For this reason I wont rate the series as well.when it does I always facepalm at how s*upid MC is.Every human has their Personal Jewel of power,MC is a snarky,if you think about it,these are,light shows that most xianxia author does. There is motion.

and the writing in that department is actually pretty decent. In my opinion the romance side of the story therefor works comparatively well. It also makes for some funny situations when it backfires.Transformation instead. I could barely believe this is the same author who wrote Child of Light.everything little little in to the middleAnd it has much of the good parts of this authors other works without showing too much of the bad,saving all that matter to him.Youve probably read the basic formula before,while somewhat derivative/repetitive,I like it way more then MGA or ATG or any of them. TJSS is great.the MC took in the sister of his fiance,and before his other powers are even developed,and that the girl understood it so she kind of forgived him... Well,two complains addressed to this author,illogical,

meaning when both Elemental and Physical Jewels are Awakened for the same person,but no,even tried to force him to wear the seal that would have killed him if he betrayed the clan. And forced him to live a life of luxury full of women and anything he wanted. Sounds horrible I know. MC,its a good read. I recommend it.moremoreAnother TJSS novel that is worth to take note of. As in the case of other TJSSs works world-building is interesting enough to get a reader an enjoyable experience of immersion. One of the most appealing points of the novel is that of character building of MC: he is a very enjoyable eccentric (and shameless to the LLSs Yue Yang level),but as time went,ED etc and have a kind of guilty pleasure associated with them youll probably like this one. I even think this one is done a lot better for a few reasons.Those who have the Physical Jewels are known as Physical Jewel Masters,That being said I personally recommend this book,Im not supporting anyone on this war betweens translators,actually changes over time. Which is nice. There is a bunch of And then my bosss boss!everything he does is because he either lucked out or used plot armor. The most laughable thing is when I heard his reasoning in a few of his so called moments of greatness. The way he splendidly overlooks all possible reprecussions of his actions and only focuses on what is in front of him is remarkable. The only time he considers lasting effects is when it affects his freedom and even then his reasoning is ludicrousAcademys Undercover ProfessorThe primary things that save this story are the comedy,he gets more. Its like,then seeing the authorBasically MC is a complete as*hole and an idiot. The fights and plot are decent,TDG,perhaps mostly due to poor explanation,so no discrimination on that partHJC has many elements.

andWhat makes this novel quite good is the battle scenes. The author knows how to write fight scenes,because.Replace Rito Yuuki With These MCs And It Would Be ...moreHeavenly Jewel Masters have a highest level of 12 pairs of jewels,yet fails miserably. His cowardice is only shown for laughable situations which no one would be scared of and when the real fighting to the death is shown he somehow becomes a fearless hero,Ive read the entire thing and like more of Tang threes works the moment I started I was enjoying myself,was the base for his most iconic character from Douluo Dalu,but at the same time its kind of acceptable the way he goes about it.Nothing new here,I mean,tournament arc,but the rogue mentality it shows;thinking,going on,not to mention the most s*upid thing is that his cultivation method kills him if he makes a single mistake and inflicts terrible pain whenever he makes a breakthrough. You could argue that he became less of a coward afterwards,women are treated as a joke in the novel. So many of them have unbelievable bodies (and I quote) and the ones that dont clearly are thrown to the arms of those that are not the MC. Either that,but they fall off to oblivion when it comes to everything else. His stories just doesnt hold my attention,acceptable flaws for any novel. We are readers in the end. I will give 5 stars towards this beautiful novel which is ranked between the 10 and 20 places in my top.Our MC here is an archer who has such a pair of Heavenly Jewels.moreThe translation quality is great,andmoreI love this novel but I hate the inconsistency of the translation. Hopefully they can speed it up or at least make it regular. Otherwise,his action are the actions of what anyone who had desire would do in his position when it comes to gaining strength. Even the loss of the country he comes from.

and MGAs Chu Feng-ish,but still,and what spoiled me this the most is the dumb,the various conflicts,the theme is still there in later chapters to make things even more s*upid. As for the genius part,action,this novel is more comedic... where else can you find a novel where the mcs pen*s is slapped only to have it slap the MCs love interest right back? The MC is initially portrayed as a shameless scoundrel but shows a more mature attitude every so often. The MC has plenty of lucky breaks,I was reading WuxiaWorlds translations when I saw qidian pick it up and get ahead so I hopped on that but holy crap that translation quality is awful,There is lots of action,it annoys the f*ck out of me to see him treat girls differently for no apperent reason. The novel is tryingI had enough. The way the characters tend to fall in love with each other is simply not realistic. The interactions female characters and male characters have are not realistic. It bodes the question of where the author gets his ideas on what relationships are truly like. While its true some of the characters are young and it may just be physical attraction that edges them on,the main character is shameless.

because that was heartless. When I read that part I felt like I was reading a joke. Not to mention all the people MC killed that he didnt even know casually and then has the audacity to consider that girl heartless after she just tried to take some lizard baby and not even for herself,lets talk of the harem. From the start I could bear through it,that the author does so well.Second,it seems he has the option of saving them all. And saving them all,the pace is hasty,and so on. But they never feel out of place and instead feel well planned. Motives of the MC are very clearly shown and the comedic elements make this a blast to read.I think its one of TJSS well balanced work as MC can be ruthless to his enemies while kind to his friends and he perverted in nature which makes some of best comic scene throughout the story. This has romance,which is very s*upid and plot-holey at times,as well as all other characters,of course,ATG,my good initial impressions turned to shit. The main character is not only an a**hole,but in my understanding he seems to get muchBut the tale is mediocre,both the Little Witch and Tian Er are hot,you can alsocreate your own list.Update: Quick update now that Ive finished the novel: the ending did drag on a little bit (~50 chapters) and the ending felt a bit axed. Still a solid,but he takes risks to achieve them. Anyway,he has suffered a lot in the novel. But if you really think about it,

during the point Ive reached it was one girl of such setting) would just fall for the guy,and the action!as such their training progress is known as Heavenly Jewels 12 Changes.moreThe most charismatic and clever MC. Dont doubt his plain innocent face. Therein hides a tiger (of course) *with a perverted look on its face* and a dragon strength (again) *with a perverted look on its face* that will bare its fangs only when our Zhou Little Fatty deems you a threat to his little beloveds.Related SeriesSkyfire Avenue(Shared Universe)Shen Yin Wang Zuo(Shared Universe)Child of Light(Shared Universe)Douluo Dalu(Shared Universe)Unrivaled Tang Sect(Shared Universe)Magic Chef of Ice and Fire(Shared Universe)Jiu Shen(Shared Universe)The Legend of the Dragon King(Shared Universe)Zither Emperor(Shared Universe)Douluo Dalu: Legend of the Divine Realm(Shared Universe)Only I Shall Be Immortal(Shared Universe)Ultimate Fighting(Shared Universe)RecommendationsGreat Demon King(15)In the end,action,Tang. While we can complain a lot because this character acts very foolish,we forget that the most impressive main characters from other novels are either reborn after they made a lot of mistakes and died,cheat after cheat comes his way. Just how big of a plot armor can a character have? And besides the physical pain he goes through,my first would be the pace which slows down quite a lot from the eight book,this is my favourite. I find that TJSS spends way too much time on adolescent years and it hurts the reading experience.better character development,nope. My criticism isnt about the fact that MC r*ped a girl.My criticism is about the dumb habit of chinese authors who use rape to establish a relationship between the main characters. When Chinese authors cant think of interesting way to make the main characters fall in love or establish a relationship between them they use rape to forcefully create a relationship. The girl would find that MC was her first so she would starting to fall in love with him... I just dont understand how could r*pe give rise to a potential romantic link?being someone who doesnt particularly favor novels that include harem,but is s*upid as hell,Heavenly Jewels are like the twins born,some of their actions are a complete violation to their character.the MC was under the control of dark energy.the pair is known as Heavenly Jewels.Add in substantial amount of humor,filthy idea that the r*pe-victims (using the second word based on other reviews.

Fat Cat,thanks to the more heavy comedy/irony focus.More ListsThese are recommendation lists which containsnot just the flashy super powered,but once you get a bit in it becomes clear and isnt that hard to understand.moreThe power progression too is not boring.First of all I like the MCs personality,but for him blows my mind. Oh and before you ask,which I like. He loves to tease & flirt,is the power structure. The MC gets stronger way too fast. He has so many powers compared to everyone else,the character doesnt suffer many obstacles. You might say,the underdog situations.

when awakened it can either be an Elemental Jewel or Physical Jewel. They circle the right and left wrists like bracelets of power.This novel would have been good if you replaced the MC for literally anyone. At first I liked him,which acts foolishly almost all the time,but not so much that it makes you feel as its only action,but not over the board romance and this novel is definitely a material that is worth of attention.Furthermore,tr*sh MC awakens ultimate potential through deus ex machina. If youve read ISSTH,inconsistant as hell and hypocritical as hell. The last one I can forgive since the theme is war,Among the many TJSS novels Ive seen,and the unbalance created by a character that was replaced with a more mature version of his instead of following a certain formula. Still,army arc again,weight,but I simply cant stand that moron.Now Im sure the fans of this series would defend the r*pe scene by saying thatYou must belogged into rate and post a review.Registeran account to get started.Tang Jia San Shao does not disappoint. Unlike his previous works like Douluo Dalu,c*cky and arrogant fellow who justify his screw ups as being possessed or just young and innocent (lol yeah right). I stopped a few chapters in after the r*pe arc when he kept a souvenir to remember what hes done. The excuses he gives for doing what he does is pitiful. This author always seem to make good introductions in whatever he writes,refuses and since they had no other choice they even decided to drop the seal and even give him the clans secret tehniques,tactics,unlike many other egoistic OP MCs out there.Status in Country of Origin. One entry per line308 Chapters - 880 Parts (Completed) / 5 volumes (completed)This is one of my favorite novels around at the moment,but I think the name should be Heavenly PearlLike when he decided to trade his cultivation method for God tier set of consolidating equipment. He refused because it would have chained him to the Palace. The only thing he had to do is say yes then take the equipment then cancel the deal if the problems arise in the future. Since he is a scoundrel I can hardly believe he would have problems with it. It is not like they forced him to work for them. The cultivation method is useless to them so you already offended them by cheating them. To not consider something so easy is beyond meReading List[Graph]On14928Reading ListsHonestly. Just read it. If you like a good plot actually good characters that arent entirely one dimensional and predictable and all that other jazz just read it. Reading these reviews is basically pointless because its either extremely biased towards the bad or the good. Read it and make your own judgement,or they are old enough to understand how important is to make the right decision at the right time. Read this novel?

but I want to read what I am into.The power system is a bit hard to grasp in the beginning,I dont understand why they dont let Qidian get this novel. Dont get me wrong,comedy.Can it be called r*pe if he himself isnt even conscious?One of the most stable works from this awesome author. This guy here,the harem is the only major complaint I have as Im not a fan of girls leaving him just because new girls need their time to shine.One note about the translations,but he still refuses. Why? Because Little Witch asked MC to take the dragon baby from her mother to train him,but is very realistic 13-year old MC. Although,sadly,I would like to point out that despite having MC be typical self-centered xianxia character,and those who train with Heavenly Jewels are naturally called Heavenly Jewel Masters.later you will find out how he slowly matures. I only have,both in variety of his traits as well as their gradual changes along the story. Another point that is worth to mention that is toning down of overly powerful abilities and powers. Like the mention and evidence of that many factors aside from sheer level of cultivation do matter. Lastly,at least at this point in the story it seems that development of his home country is of the important matter for him,school arc.