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Water Filter for Home: Drink healthy & pure water every day with THESE purifiers from Amazon

Water Filter for Home: Drink healthy & pure water every day with THESE purifiers from Amazon

Updated on Apr 01, 2022 05:18 AM IST

Water Filter for Home: Drink healthy & pure water ...

Water Filter for Home: Drink healthy & pure water everyday with THESE purifiers from Amazon

Access to clean drinking water is a blessing that unfortunately not many have. Pollution, industrialization and many other factors have restricted the flow of clean drinking water from reaching every household making a water filter for home a must. Awater filter machine purifies the waterand helps you stay away from waterborne diseases. If you dont have a water filter at your home yet, now is the time to grab the best from the list given below.

Here are 7 water filters that are a must-have at your home to drink clean water. Water being the most important part of living, dont risk your life and health opting out of getting a water filter for home.

With a water storage capacity of 7 litres, this water filter for homedelivers optimum purification through its dual RO+UV technology along with the highest water-saving percentage. It is also equipped with a membrane life enhancer to avoid the deposition of salts on the membrane and to maintain its life. The purifier also features a taste adjuster that enables adjustment of taste depending upon the source of water.

Kent is known for making some of the best water purifiers for homes. This one with multiple purification processes ensures you get to drink the best quality water every day. Thewall-mountable, compact design is suited for domestic purposes and it removes even dissolved impurities and kills bacteria and viruses to make water pure and safe for drinking.

This is different from the first one with LED indication alerts, transparent tank allows you to check water levels and other properties that make it convenient and easy to use a water filter for home. Unlike ordinary water filters, this Aquaguard water purifier saves up to 60 percent. It also features flexible installation.

This combat design water filter runs the water through eight filtration modes and gives you clean and hygienic water thats free of germs and diseases. With a simple and intelligent display of information, it is easy to use and understand even for the youngest member of your family. Also, the purifier comes with a one-year warranty.

With RO, UV and MF that remove harmful viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides, this water filter promises you clean drinking water. It also features an advanced alert system that warns you 15 days prior to the expiry of the germ kill kit.

Investing in the right water purifier is absolutely essential a day without water is close to death. This Aquatec plus water filter will take care of your drinking water needs in the most hassle-free manner. It comes with a capacity of 12 litres and uses reverse osmosis and UV processes that are suitable to purify tap or municipal water.

Equipped with a dual cartridge, it can eliminate suspended particles, organic compounds and odour from the water you drink to make it taste sweet. With its smart flow technology, the purifier can deliver up to 2 litres of water in just a minute.

Nothing can replace water. Its one of the most important things that makes living and sustaining peacefully on earth possible. Clean water thats free of germs and has high salt content is what we need. A water filter for home is thus a great investment that everyone in the home can benefit from.

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