New Lightweight Water Purifier Contracts

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New Lightweight Water Purifier Contracts

MECO announces additional contracts for the Lightweight Water Purifier (LWP). The U.S. Army Tank, Automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM) and the U.S. Air Force Space Command have ordered 15 of these highly innovative water treatment systems to provide their soldiers and airmen with the best possible solution to meet their unique and demanding operational requirements.

The LWP is a highly mobile water treatment system that supports company/battalion size units in the field. It can be transported on a HMMWV, and is air transportable and air droppable. Specifications include a potable water production of 125 gph on fresh or brackish water and 75 gph on 60,000 ppm TDS salt water. The system is capable of operating on highly turbid waters and can treat water contaminated by weapons of mass destruction (WMD) i.e. nuclear, biological or chemical agents.

TACOMs latest requirements supplement, and add to, their existing contract for over 350 systems. The LWP is intended to improve the responsiveness of water support to early entry, highly mobile forces anywhere in the world. LWP units are presently operating in Iraq and these latest additional systems will be deployed starting in mid 2006 to support the ongoing restructuring involving the US Armys new Unit of Action and Striker Brigade concept.

The contract for the US Air Force is part of the Defense Support Program (DSP) for the Air Force Space Command Director of Operations Early Warning Systems. The DSP system is the U.S. space based early warning system for the detection of missile launches. DSP consists of a constellation of geosynchronous satellites linked to a network of worldwide mobile and static ground stations. The ground stations collect and process data critical to the defense strategy of the US. With the LWP, the ground stations will be self-supporting and autonomous anywhere in the world, under any scenario rather than relying on water re-supply.

MECO is a world leader in the design and construction of high tech water purification plants for the biopharmaceutical industry, the US military and offshore oil & gas companies.

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MECO is building the next generation of water purification equipment and systems. For over 90 years, weve been committed to providing our customers with efficient, effective solutions with sustainability at their core. Together, were protecting the planet and changing the way the world interacts with water.