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We all dream, have different types of dreams and at varying effects. While everyone dreams, it is not necessary that we all remember our dreams. However, there is a lot that remains unknown in this field and scientists are still trying to find answers.  What are dreams? Dreams are basically images, thoughts or feelings that

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For starters, sources of water pollution continue to increase without check and this has led to a spread of contaminants to the most distant and protected pure water catchments. Groundwater levels are also decreasing which means digging deeper for water. That water is often surrounded by arsenic and metal deposits and thus requires treatment before

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There is a lot of talk about melatonin in the sleep industry. What exactly is it and how does it affect us? Lets break down the meaning of this word and understand what it is and does.  What is Melatonin? It is a hormone that regulates our sleep cycle and helps our body to fall

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Quality sleep is interlinked with multiple physical and mental aspects of our body. A good nights rest affects overall wellbeing, nutrition, metabolism, immunity and overall mood. It affects our energy levels, how we digest our food and what we crave as well! We at times take sleep for granted and dont really consider how it may

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Every product we use requires timely maintenance and service to function at 100 percent. It is especially true for home products that use replaceable parts such as RO water purifier filters. These units offer safe drinking and cooking water for your home and have become an essential home product nowadays. To understand the maintenance of

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Growing up, all of us have been reminded about the importance of cleanliness at one time or another. Whether it be by our parents or by the teachers at school, the message of staying clean and having healthy food and clean drinking water transcends cultures, countries, and states. In olden times, clean food and traditional

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Have you ever felt irritable, drowsy and found it difficult to concentrate on daily tasks at home or work? Most of us have gone through this, next time this happens to you, stop and think how much rest you got the night before. Less or no sleep is usually the cause for all these and

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For pet owners, its no longer acceptable to not cuddle at night with their  furry friend. The snuggles, warmth and love adds that extra comfort! But is sleeping with your furry pet a good idea? Here are a few pros & cons!  PROS: 1) Increase of happy hormones Being near your dog releases

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Until a few years ago, smart home products like air purifiers and water purifiers were considered niche, luxury goods in India. The problem was the price of acquiring and running these products. Due to the imported nature of smart home products, they were out of reach for an average Indian household. However, Indian smart home

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Have you ever lay in bed awake trying to get some shut eye? Has tea/coffee ever messed up your sleep cycle? Or work stress kept you up, leaving you tired the next day? Mostly everyone can relate to a few nights a month where you just cant sleep no matter how hard you try. In

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Did You Know? RO Purifiers Offer Sustainable Water Purification

Can lack of quality sleep lead to obesity

When to Change The Different Filters in Your RO Water Purifier?