This Water Purifier Has 5 TempatureFoCold DrinkOHot Kopi Any

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This Water Purifier Has 5 Temperatures For Cold Drinks Or Hot Kopi...

This Water Purifier Has 5 Temperatures For Cold Drinks Or Hot Kopi Any Time

Get hot or cold water at the touch of a button.

Depending on your mood during WFH, you might crave a cold or warm drink to quench your thirst. But getting your beverages at the right temperature often requires time, a fridge, or a kettle.

What if you can skip all that hassle and get what you need from one source?

Whether youd like to make some hotkopi, gulp down some ice-cold water, or just plain ole tap water, the Hydroflux Wish purifier can give you what you need at the touch of a few buttons.

Looking like that sleek coffee machine you just got, this new design will fit right into your homes aesthetics with all the functions you need.

When theheatwavehits, the temptation to order BBT to cool yourself down is real. Sweat is trickling down your back, your fridge is out of cold drinks, and you need that relief stat.

Instead of spending a few dollars on a sugary beverage, why not get that cooling relief instantly via a water purifier-cum-dispenser?

Able to dispense water from as cold as 4C, the Wish Water Purifier lets you enjoy a cold drink in an instant. No need to freeze ice cubes or leave your drink in the fridge for hours.

If you need something warm instead, simply turn the display dial to your desired temperature.

Mums with young kids, in particular, would appreciate the luxury of getting water at lukewarm temperature to prepare milk with. Once thats done, you can turn the dial to 75C to brew a cup of piping hottehfor yourself.

Take it up a notch to the hottest setting at 90C if youd like to have some cup noodles as a comfort meal on a rainy day.

Since youll be using the dispenser pretty much every day, a main concern would be hygiene, as youd want a consistently clean water supply.

Thankfully, with a tankless interior, water doesnt stay stagnant within a tank in the dispenser, which would risk contamination. Instead, water flows directly from the source whenever you need it.

From the above image, you can see the stainless steel path leading to the nozzle.

These parts can be sterilised to eliminate any contaminant buildup and ensure that the touch points through which water flows are kept clean and hygienic. The Wish Water Purifier is the first and only one in the Singapore market to offer this.

The built-in sterilisation feature also makes disinfecting your machine easy, as you can activate any of the following modes at the touch of a button:

The water itself runs through a 6-in-1 replaceable filter that removes 99.9% of bacteria, so you know that anything you drink is almost 100% clean.

With all these user-friendly features, theres no need to call a professional to help with maintenance. Your dispenser will be able to do all the cleaning itself, providing water thats safe for your family to consume.

While youre happily chugging down clean water and meeting your daily hydration needs, hum along to your favourite tunes via the purifier, as it also boasts a Bluetooth speaker feature.

Bop to BTS latest hits, or find your zen in the purifiers 16 built-in Brain Music healing tunes targeted to help you recover from mental exhaustion as you relax and enjoy a sip of water.

If youre planning to stay through an entire song, you can take the chance to refill a giant water bottle or an entire jug for the fam.

The Wish Water Purifiers adjustable nozzle can accommodate containers of any size, so you wont have to tilt them at awkward angles.

You can also decide the amount of water you want dispensed 120ml, 550ml or 1,000ml so theres no need to keep pressing on a button.

Whether you need a small quencher or a big refill, you can settle those with the highly adaptable Wish Water Purifier.

As you equip your home with smart devices to make it a haven of convenience, you might want to consider adding the Wish Water Purifier to the list as it fulfils your basic water needs and more.

Jam-packed with various functions in a stylish design, youll have no trouble making it an essential home appliance.

If mum or dad needs a little more convincing, just tell them that local actress, filmmaker, and pâtissier, Jeanette Aw, endorses the purifier, so theyll know its legit.

Once youve won them over, you can place your orders via Hydrofluxs websitehere.

You can also follow them onFacebookandInstagramto keep up with their latest innovations for your high-tech home.

In an era where we can virtually get anything with the swipe of a finger or touch of a few buttons, convenience is valuable.

Though preparing a drink is a basic task, shaving off a few minutes from boiling the water or turning it ice cold will ease your daily affairs greatly.

Youll definitely complain about the heat or that work headache less when you can get a cold drink or hot coffee in a matter of seconds.

This post was brought to you in collaboration withHydroflux.

Featured image courtesy of Hydroflux and adapted fromBrian Lynch on Flickr.

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