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Featuring reverse osmosis, countertop water filters, undersink filters, shower filters, ultraviolet purifiers, water filter replacement cartridges, gravity emergency filters, dry pellet chlorinators, Doulton ceramic filters, aeration systems for iron and hydrogen sulfide removal, compact whole house filters, multi-cartridge stainless-steel filtration units, chemical feeder systems, hydrogen peroxide feeders, backwashing filters, water softeners, garden hose filters, sediment filters, carbon block filters, KDF cartridges, pumps, and much, much more. From top makers likeMatriKX, Flowmatic, Omnipure, Pura, Sprite, Wellpro, Fleck, Alamo, Watts, Stenner, AERMAX, & Doulton,as well as our own tough & reliableReverse Osmosis series of drinking water systems.

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Another unique and much-needed item, our garden hose filters allow you to water your flowers or fill your pets bowl with chlorine free water, neutralize low-pH water for your plants, keep the chlorine out of your fish pond, or do many more useful things. Easy and inexpensive. Includes everything you need.

the worlds greatest $77 water filter,

is the only water filter we know of that has an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Several styles and many cartridge options are available. This is a sturdy, effective water filter that installs in a jiffy (or less) and lasts a lifetime.

Doubles have the advantage of increased filtration capacity and greater variety. We have several styles and many cartridges to choose from. These have the same lifetime guarantee as our Model 77 countertops.

Single, double, and triple filters, our new compact triple unit, and even a quadruple filter. Several vessel styles, many filter cartridges, and long guarantees. These are tough, reliable performers. For standard undersink units with inlet valve and their own ledge faucet, click on the picture or title link. For simple undersink units that filter all water that comes from your present cold water faucet,click here.

A Unique Product. Take a look at our new

Enhanced Performance Undersink Fluoride Removal Filter

Two styles of ugly but effective, easy-to-use reverse osmosis units. No permanent attachment to your plumbing is required. Low cost for lots of great water. If you dont see a style you want, well build to your specifications.

The link at right will take you to our reverse osmosis entry page, where youll find basic pictures and details about our several fine undersink styles. These include our own brand, the classic

unit that well customize to your needs, our easy-to-service Q Series units, a superb economy unit (twice as good as the big box store units at a comparable price), and much, much more.

Need a part for your reverse osmosis unit?Go here.

Reverse Osmosis for point of entry. From 300 gallons per day to 12,000. Superb factory-ready systems with all the usual accessories factory installed.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Units from

Axeon L1-300 Light Duty 300GPD System

We stock a large selection of the most popular sizes, featuring MatriKX extruded carbon blocks and Di-Tech-style specialty cartridges. Also, Doulton ceramics, Omnipure Q and K series, Gold Series Inlines, filters for Microline and Hydrotech units and much more.

Doulton performance for as low as $45. Take a look at our very simple but totally effective siphon filters that will make puddle water drinkable in emergencies.

Weve got Spritethe best we can findand we sell only styles with replaceable cartridges. The Sprite High Output is the best seller, but we have the Hand Held version as well. Great prices on both filters and cartridges.

We also have Vitabath© Vitamin C dechlorinating bath tablets for baths, hot tubs, and spas.Go herefor details.

These inexpensive, compact cartridge-style units provide efficient removal of chlorine from city water with little pressure drop and serve a variety of purposes for wells. If the basic units dont suit your needs, we can customize.

For the 20 Unit (the most popular for whole house use),go here.

For the small diameter 20 unit,go here.

Our Model 42 all stainless steel whole house filter, generously sized for standard residential and light commercial applications. This is a four-cartridge unit thats easy to install and easy to service.

Big Bubba Heavy Duty Whole House Unit.

Big Bubba is the roughest, toughest, and certainly the biggest cartridge-style whole house filter on the market. It has phenomenal capacity for chlorine reduction with a carbon block cartridge, and up to 150 gallons per minute flow rate as a sediment filter. Big Bubba is simple to install, easy to maintain, beautiful to contemplate. We stock all parts and cartridge options.

easily solves iron, hydrogen sulfide, and bacteria problems in wells without the hassle and danger of liquid chlorine. We sell the units and we sell the pellets.

Chemical Feed Pumps, Solution Tanks, Retention Tanks, Hydrogen Peroxide, Soda Ash, Static Mixers, Iron Removal and Sequestering Agents, and more. To treat iron and manganese, low pH, bacterial contamination, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), iron-stained driveways and buildings, and more. We stock and recommend Stenner peristaltic pumps, but we can supply other styles and brands on request.

Filters for removing chlorine from city tap water, for removing iron and hydrogen sulfide from well water, for removing excess sedimentand more. Simple, effective yet inexpensive softeners, all made with standard industry parts from Fleck, Structural Fibers, and other top makers. If you dont see what you want, please call or email. We can supply virtually any style or size of softener or backwashing filter.

Go here forLarge Backwashing Filters.

New: OurWhole House Unit for Chloramine Removal.

Go here for ourScalenet Water Softener Alternativesystems.

High flow sediment removalSand Trap Filters

Air Injection Systemsfor Iron/Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide Removal.

aeration systems with many options that weve added for highly effective, chemical-free treatment of well water.

We carry replacement air pumps and parts on ouraeration parts page.

Pura ultraviolet units to rid water of bacteria. Many sizesfrom an undersink add-on drinking water unit to the Big Boy series, capable of handling industrial applications. Ultraviolet keeps the chemicals out of your well water and out of the environment. Its the cleanest and easiest way to get rid of bacteria in water.

UV disinfection systems manufactured by VIQUA. Undersink and whole house units featuring stainless steel reaction chambers, high dosage UV lamps, a wide range of top quality accessories and industry leading build quality.

High quality stainless steel ultraviolet units. Simple to install and service, Watts UV units provide an affordable and effective option for safe, chemical free disinfection of microorganisms.

Unique to our site, this very useful page allows you to make easy and inexpensive additions to your existing filtration system. Add fluoride removal, sediment reduction, lead removal, for example, or simply increase the capacity of your drinking water filter by adding an extra stage of carbon.

The convenient and popular John Guest, and long-lasting Mur-Lok tube fittings in sizes to fit your water filter or aid you in adding another. (We also have Jaco fittings, but youll have to call and ask about them.)

Installation, Maintenance Information, & Product Warranties

Like most things in life, this page is continually in progress. If you dont find what you want today, please come back tomorrow.

And dont hesitate to call about product alterations and substitutions. We like custom-making water treatment systems to your needs. And if we dont have it, we can usually find it.

We welcome telephone orders and will be pleased to help with selection. If we miss your call, please leave a message well return your call promptly. And we also try to answer email as promptly as possible.

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